where is everybody?

This question comes from mc_kingfish, who wishes me to take advantage of my Lazyweb for him. (Dr. Kingfish is an old man, and the promoter of fine events such as Hubba Hubba Revue. He enjoys drinking, hats, and long strolls in the pork.)

I warned him that if I posted his questions, he would find himself highly dissatisfied with the responses he will get from people he doesn't care about (E.g., furries who live in Minnesota, and kernel developers who never leave their mom's basement.) He said, "bring it".

Post your responses here. Use both sides if necessary.

Dr. Kingfish writes:

For years now I have watched the attendance for a wide variety of entertainments steadily diminish. San Francisco continues to have a reputation as a fun, entertainment-loving town that supports it's local clubs, bars, performers, promoters, artists and producers -- but when you compare the numbers today to the pre-dotcom 80's, and the go-go 90's, this reputation is quite obviously resting on some very old and outdated laurels. Obviously there are die-hards, obviously there are some who soldier on, but what became of the Greater Population? Hence, one wonders...

Dear Extremely-Lazyweb,

What made you lame?

To wit, what turned you from a social, going-out-to-find-fun active and interesting human being into, well, the opposite of that.

Please read the following carefully;

  • This does not include people who do go out and experience life and it's entertainments frequently. Do NOT respond if this is you.
  • This does not include important life-changing conditions (massive illness, injury, parenthood, etc.) Do NOT respond if this is the case.

  • This does include all forms of whining. Please be specific.

  • If your whining is money-related, please list at least one stupid thing you've blown a wad of money on in the last 12 months (or, if more appropriate, a stupid thing that you blow a portion of your money on regularly.)

  • Work and school schedules do not count as you previously went out and experienced life's many entertainments when you were working or going to school just as much, and let's face it, you know that's true.

  • No one under 45 is allowed to mention age as a reason, and even then no one under 60 is allowed to list it as a primary reason. You must in fact be older than the oldest person currently going out and enjoying life frequently to use age as a primary excuse.

  • "Growing out of it" is only valid if you also include the fact that you are incredibly limited in your thinking and never sought alternative forms of entertainment after you began to grow bored with what you were into when you were in high school.

Update: Important point: this question is not specifically about going to dance clubs.

Other important point: the question was "why did you change from X to Y", not "why did you always hate going out to dance clubs."

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