mixtape 019

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 019.

This is the sequel to mixtape 014, in that back before the Pleistocene extinction event, this is also music we used to refer to as "industrial", at least until it was retconned into "EBM".

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  1. strangehours says:

    It's funny. I really like that Intermix track, but I would never have considered it, or that particular side project, industrial. Especially given the direction that Intermix went with Future Primitives. That album struck me as something that might well have been done by a more interesting reincarnation of Deep Forest.

    • pfrank says:

      I used to distinguish between 'beepy' and 'crunchy' flavors of industrial, and Intermix definitely falls on the beepy side. I just wish I could find any Intermix albums nowadays.

  2. strangehours says:

    TDM fit vaguely into this vein: http://www.aseparatereality.net/tdm.html

    I appreciate them a lot for creating a track from samples of old line printers. And for putting on a seriously odd live show (although I can't entirely vouch for whether that was them, or my state at the time).

  3. sparklewench says:

    I was a new mom when I first heard the reference to EBM music. To me it was used as shorthand for expressed breast milk.

    • mhoye says:

      Nice. Likewise, I was living with a med student when Dr. Dre's "It's The D.R.E." came out, and she asked me why anyone would rap about digital-rectal exams.

  4. rane500 says:

    I miss industrial. A lot.

  5. option12 says:

    no throbbing gristle?

    • jwz says:

      In what parallel universe would anything TG have released fit in with the other music in this set?

      • option12 says:

        sorry, just being an ass....

        I haven't found a universe where anyone or anything fits with them. They were the first ones to call anything industrial music, though. And my friend who was shriekback's biggest fan other favorite artist.

        • jwz says:

          I've never really been much of a TG fan. They're Important and all, but I just don't really enjoy them. I did almost put a Psychic TV track on 014 (their cover of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun") but it's like 12 minutes long, and it's... like 4 minutes good.

  6. telecart says:

    Excellent mix, as always.

  7. jcheshire says:

    I really, really like this one. I listened to the first mixtape, and wasn't really impressed, so I haven't hit any of the others. But the description made me decide to try this one out.

    Nicely done. I found some new artists and music that I feel like I should have known about. And now I'll check out episode 014. Thanks!

  8. roulez_libre says:

    You made some really good choices here. I mean when people say EBM I groan, usually, expecting some KMFDM or some guitar-driven pseudo-industrial drivel. But there are some real gems here. And especial thanks for the Lassigue Benthaus!!! Whoever would have thought that Uwe Schmidt would have done anything remotely industrial. Especially now that he's doing Latin-flavored Kraftwerk covers :D

  9. jpatokal says:

    Keep the mixtapes coming, but could I ask you to add names to the numbers? It would make it a little easier to remember which extinction event was Pleistocene (#19) and which one was Cretaceous-Tertiary (#14).

  10. ammonoid says:

    Me likey. And I only knew about 1/4 of them.

  11. Fascinating. I used to like this stuff. A lot. Maybe it's my mood, but I couldn't even finish it. Perhaps it's the "Citizen Kane" effect, where Important stuff is only good when it's in the process of revolutionizing the form. Or maybe I've lost my soul. Who can say?

  12. omni_ferret says:

    This felt a lot more approachable than 014.

    I take it you checked out Intermix because of its members? You did check out Delerium? If memory serves, their first two albums were textured & awesome.

    That was another surprising "oh yeah, I remember loving that band" moment. You played Underworld recently before this, & although I like them now, at times I was listening to dubnobass... on repeat for weeks.

    Also, NIN's Head like a Hole came to mind often thanks to the basslines. Um. I thought I liked industrial, but I think I'm really just a synthpop fan.

    • jwz says:

      Delerium's probably the best thing any of those folks have done, but I liked it a lot more when it was moody space-rock, instead of Sarah McLachlan and wannabes.

      • omni_ferret says:

        I think the album with a few guest vocalists was the last one I picked up. I liked Kristy Thirsk. Looking around, I missed a collaboration with the Opus III singer, but I also missed ... they're collaborating with Leigh Nash of Sixpence none the Richer? Really? I can't stand her.

        Huh, I missed them at Bimbo's in 2003. A bit of a shame, that.

        Speaking of local concerts:
        Crystal Castles is playing Saturday at the Independent. Um. I'm not sure if you like them, but they're on a list of bands I was going to sort out & recommend to you.
        Also, Dandi Wind is playing Sunday at BotH.

  13. msjen says:

    I know it's late for this comment, but we are currently using this mixtape to take some of the pain out of cleaning the house. Also it sounds pretty okay with the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

  14. exblogger says:

    Having not read my friends list in almost 3 months, I appreciate that, with a little ingenuity, I was able to listen to this tape today, despite its not being listed on the current mixtapes page. Thanks!