mixtape 018

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 018.

No particular theme this time; in fact, I did this one the old skool way: by taking the song that happened to be playing as a starting point, and then giving myself only the length of that song to decide upon the next one, ad nauseam. Imagine that. Lazy? Or disciplined? You decide.

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10 Responses:

  1. boggyb says:

    Wow, I've actually heard one of the songs on this one (Goodnight Lover, a cut-down version is in Wipeout 64).

    On another note, are the really small track titles/times intentional, buggy css, or my fault for using IE?

  2. rukzise says:

    Hah! I usually decide in the first 45 seconds or so of a track whether it goes into the mix, sometimes without even having heard the song before. Makes for some interesting mixtapes, sometimes... ;)


    • rukzise says:

      argh! the subject should be negated of course to make sense.

      /me injects caffeine


    • jwz says:

      Uh, no, you got that exactly backwards. I didn't listen to any of them before putting them in the playlist, because I'm just doing this with iTunes, not a dj rig. But of course I'd heard them before.

      • rukzise says:

        Oh. My bad then. I actually listened to the full mix tape now. It's awesome. I know some of the groups (Chiasm, Brassy, Fluke, Orbital, Pixies, Pretty Girls Make Graves) but I think I only knew like 2-3 of the tracks, actually. Thanks for sharing!


  3. pfrank says:

    Yay Chiasm! I know Emileigh from way back. She's great, glad to see her in your mix.

  4. kowh says:

    I have all of one track from this batch already (Chiasm - Needle), so it should be an interesting trip through the others.

    Thank you for continuing to put these together. No matter how haphazard the selection of music might be, each time I always seem to find a few more tracks to add to my collection.

  5. strspn says:

    I wish the playlists didn't vanish when the streams cycled out. I was trying to remember one of the songs that caught my ear. Nothing's in the Wayback Machine yet.

  6. reify says:

    Right on. This was my driving soundtrack from Tahoe back to Reno yesterday. Worked well. The last couple tracks were just weird enough to make me wonder if it was highway hypnosis getting me, or they actually were singing that.