Implantable Orgazmatron


The experimental implant -- now trademarked by Meloy as the Orgasmatron -- rests on the skin just above the belt line. Two electrodes snake into the space between the vertebrae and the spinal cord. A video-game-like remote control allows women (or their partners) to turn electrical pulses on and off and fiddle with timing and intensity.

Design work is underway to get the cost of the procedure down to about $12,000 -- roughly the price of breast implants, Meloy says.

He plans to shrink the size of the internal processor to the size of two sticks of gum and the external processor to roughly the size of a belt pager, all while ensuring that the system is durable enough to withstand shear forces of typical use.

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21 Responses:

  1. There've been several short stories and at least one comic book about that already.

    • dk says:

      also a mention in the first chapter of John Varley's book Steel Beach, which is what i was reminded of by this.

    • 205guy says:

      For the comic, are you thinking of Click! (Le Dèclic in French), Milo Manara's erotic (hard-core, actually) graphic novel (with 2 sequels)? Except for the implant, it's not sci-fi at all, instead exploring how degenerate the story could become when unscrupulous people got a hold of such a device. This was to me the archetypical remote-control-sex book--ahhh to be a teenager in French bookstores again...

      I now see that the French made it into a soft-porn movie way back in 1985 (or I assume it's soft because you can buy it on Amazon), translated into English as The Turn-On.

  2. ghewgill says:

    What, nobody else had trademarked "Orgasmatron" until just now?

  3. latemodel says:

    lol shear forces

  4. relaxing says:

    I saw a documentary about this not too long ago... at the time the apparatus did not reliably produce the desired effect. I wonder it's improved since then.

  5. I consider myself fortunate to have come factory-equipped with my own implantable orgasmatron.

  6. mc_kingfish says:

    Would that be Dentyne or Juicy Fruit?

  7. cdavies says:

    We're now smart enough to produce computer controlled biochips to control our bodily functions, but not yet smart enough to write software that audits other software for security vulnerabilities.

    I'm telling you, the first person to write an orgasm worm'll never need to work a day in their life.

    • fnivramd says:

      The latter (auditing) is impossible in practical terms, so we'll never be smart enough. Vernor Vinge captures what we're in for at the beginning of "A Fire Upon the Deep". The slow, methodical way of processing data, doing everything by hand - will always seem like a poor option compared to giving just a little bit more trust to automatics. Remember when sane people didn't run anything but trusted software on their computer? Now we let unknown authors from around the globe run arbitrary Javascript, Flash and so on, because it's convenient, and if new holes in the sandbox are discovered all the time, well that's hardly enough reason to give up a nicer web browsing experience and embedded video that actually works on more than one platform...

      • anyfoo says:

        Not only in practical terms, it's also really impossible in theoretical terms. You can't write a program that generally infers what another program does, that's provable.

        So, no full automatic security auditing for us, just heuristics.

  8. jsl32 says:

    and even excellent realistic feeling and looking ones don't generally run five figures.

    the things one learns working in the sex trade(s)...

  9. lordshell says:

    I'm still waiting for a pleasure droid.

  10. autodidactic says:

    Electrode sex is sexy.

  11. voidptr says:

    But there will be no animal testing phase. "I don't know how to ask animals, 'Where do you feel the tingling?' or 'Do you want a cigarette?' "