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  1. saltdawg says:

    solution=buy a vespa.

  2. bassfingers says:

    Glad you liked it. I love shooting that building, and when it came time to make a video project of the space, a Conet remix seemed like the natural answer.

    • prog says:

      Nice work!

      • bassfingers says:

        It was really something when it was more overgrown... They've tried to clean up the property some, but here's a pinhole photo of Door 5 from a few years back...Definitely had an "otherworldly" feel. (And the web doesn't do the print justice...)

  3. bitwise says:

    FYI: you can shut off the "related videos" garbage pile at the bottom of the video.

  4. veritatem says:

    excellent information overload

  5. nekokaiju says:

    I often listen to the Conet project cds while working...Love the buildings...great visuals

  6. vxo says:

    Sometimes we'll put random tracks from The Conet Project on WRGP to weird people out in the dead middle of the night.

    One night, one of our DJs got a REPLY phoned in, in some mysterious code words.

    Silly prank reply, or....??

  7. 205guy says:

    I am reminded of the encoded radio transmission of the French Resistance during WWII. To tie it back to music, some examples were used by Noir Desir in their song L'Europe (here:'Europe). There is a long pulsing fade-in intro to that song, so be patient. Some of the other songs off the same album are on the same page: "Le vent nous portera" is more pop, "Des armes" is again fairly dark music (for lack of a better description).

    I don't know if those are real examples of coded messages or made up for the song, but I believe they are similar. Translation of the first ones: "The boars have been released, I repeat, the boars have been released. The small bosses make rivers of diamonds, two times. The roses of Europe are Satan's feast." There's more at the end of the song. They're all sort of similar nonsensical sentences.