looking forward into the past

MySpace, 2008:

You are about to leave MySpace.com. In an effort to stop phishing, we are warning you: DO NOT ENTER YOUR MYSPACE PASSWORD on this new website! To continue to this website, click the link: Tom's blog about Phishing. Tom's Blog about this Warning Page.

NCSA Mosaic, 1993:

BEWARE: Despite our best and most strenuous intentions to the contrary, absolutely anything could be on the other end of this hyperlink, including -- quite possibly -- pornography, or even nudity. NCSA disclaims all responsibility regarding your emotional and mental health and specifically all responsibility for effects of viewing salacious material via Mosaic. With that in mind, are you *sure* you want to follow this hyperlink??? Yup, I'm sure, really. Ack, no! Get me outta here.

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