"WARNING: this bench becomes red hot between 2 AM and 6 AM."


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  1. nero_fiore says:

    Lake Eola sure does have some funny signs, don't they?

  2. boldra says:

    I did an industrial design unit at uni and during one lecture we watched a slide show of ideas for park benches all designed to be impossible to sleep on. It's called "street furniture", and I just cannot get my head around why it might be okay to provide free sitting space for the public, but make it unusable for any other purpose. I guess that's why I never pursued a career in industrial design.

  3. ibroadfo says:


    Remain after what, I wonder? What things are we allowed to do in ANY BUSHES, SHRUBS OR FOLIAGE that would normally lead us to REMAIN afterwards? At what point does catching one's breath become REMAINing?

    • strspn says:

      That's for the judge to decide, smartass. You should just be grateful that while you're waiting to see him you'll get three squares and a shower!

  4. strathmeyer says:

    If they arrest a kid for playing hide and seek in the bushes I greatly support this sign and all of the city codes represented by it, otherwise this sign is obviously prejudiced against those of us who like to have sex outdoors.

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