today's fanboygram: on verbs

Apparently in response to something I posted nine years ago.

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 14:16:29 EST
Subject: Wrist Pain

I was ready to be informed about your wrist pain and possible cause of the pain. I can tolerate a lot of things but to use a verb in the wrong way (F...) is more than I can tolerate. That is the one word I never tolerate. I know you don't care if I never see your sight again but you did note you had not been getting the attention you had at one time, so I'm suggesting it could be the word is out on your use of verbs,

Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape in the new year.

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47 Responses:

  1. chuckm says:

    Well, I guess you're fucked now.

  2. scullin says:

    Somebody's copy of Net Nanny isn't doing its job.

  3. tjcrowley says:

    Not only is he late, he can't spell (sight?). Plus, he writes in sentence fragments and passive voice. Despite his objection to your use of verbs, I suspect English is his second language based on this email.

  4. I know you don't care if I never see your sight again

    But misuse of nouns is perfectly ok, apparently.

  5. schoschie says:

    The internet must be a never-ending source of test cases and research examples for psychologists, psychotherapists and neurologist.

  6. phoenixredux says:

    That's actually a pretty good article, dated though it might be. I'd love to get a keyboard like the Kinesis Contour. I might have to dig around a bit and find the modern equivalent, or possilby a used one.

    • joel says:

      Did you mean like this Kinesis keyboard or something else?

      • phoenixredux says:

        For the record, here's what JWZ wrote.What I would like to find is the keyboard pictured here:That chair is awesome. As someone who types WAY TOO MUCH, I can appreciate that.

        • joel says:

          Agreed. I love me my Kenesis Essential keyboard but my wrists still hurt. :-(

          • pozorvlak says:

            The only solution I found was leaving the computer industry, and even now, three years later, I have to be careful.

            I've got an interview at a tech startup tomorrow - on some level this makes sense, I'm sure...

        • gregv says:

          I had it and used it for a good five years or so until it started dying. It was way overpriced (like $500, not including a chair) and had a few minor problems, but was overall great. Then they redesigned it, renamed it the Freestyle, and ditched the chair mount version due to "too little demand."

          I've been using this which is good as far as more traditional split keyboards go, and definitely a lot quieter, but I still wish someone else made a chair mount keyboard. I only ever found one and it was one of those freaky designs where you'd have to teach yourself to type all over again.

          • jwz says:

            Gaah, that new Microsoft Natural keyboard is crap. The rev-1 Naturals were pretty good, but everything they've put out since has been mushy garbage.

            • editer says:

              Got that right. I'm not sure what model my MS Natural is, but I got it in 1996 and it's still with me. I tested a couple of other 'boards a year or so ago when I found that it and my new KVM switch didn't play well together, but there's nothing out there as sturdy, including MS's own keyboards. I finally decided I liked the old keyboard enough not to mess with the KVM switch. It's the only Microsoft product I've ever been enthusiastic about.

              Weird thing -- in early 2002 I got an ergonomic Dvortyboard for work (I had just been hired for a job that required some work in MS-DOS and they were wary of software solutions), and it matched the Natural's layout and action. Naturally they stopped making them shortly thereafter.

          • phoenixredux says:

            I'm still using an old Microsoft Elite. I do a lot of transcription for closed captioning. I'm pleased to see the prices have come down, and variety has gone up, since the last time I went keyboard shopping. I'm due for a new one this year - I give the current Elite about six more months before something goes haywire.

            What does it say about your operating system when you have to certify that your keyboard is "Certified for Vista"? I mean, it's just a keyboard. Ok, it has a few fancy buttons. But, c'mon!

          • stu_hacking says:

            I bought that keyboard thinking 'hey cool! A scroll stick between sections would be neat' - turne out it was a useless sodding zoom - and with no simple way to remap the function.

            Also, this keyboard is way too big. Nowadays I tend to stick with laptop-esque slim keyboards - who am I kidding, I don't touch type.

        • jwz says:

          As of a year or two ago, Kinesis was still selling the Evolution, but only in a track-mount version, not arm-mount. It looks like no more.

          • phoenixredux says:

            That's odd. It's a wireless device, isn't it? You'd think there would be more of a market for it. I've seen a lot of these keyboards marketed as more of a novelty. Whatever happened to the one that projected a keyboard like a grocery store scanner?

            There's so much that could be improved in the way we interact with these machines. The standard QWETRY leaves much to be desired.

            I think I'm ready for my keyboard-cortex implant now.

  7. waider says:

    I hear is one of those "Easy ways to stay in shape in the new year."

    Plus, it beats sending crazy emails.

  8. netik says:

    "Well, fuck, thanks for your fucking reply. It made my fucking day and I was so fucking glad to hear from you. My fucking wrists hurt from replying to fuckers like you."

  9. ioerror says:

    Fucking fuck-ity fuck fuck!

  10. kehoea says:

    Did you ever get the address in the end?

  11. stu_hacking says:

    "...I'm suggesting it could be the word is out on your use of verbs,"

    Apparently, people who read your site/blog know what words you use.

    I find it amusing that wrist pain is a little less serious than language.

  12. wealhtheow says:

    Sounds like the first commenter to this post, who quickly got pwned.

  13. substitute says:

    It's getting harder to tell the morons from the broken robots.

  14. cjensen says:

    "Use a verb in the wrong way"? Was it used as a noun? "Wrist pain is a fucking!" Adjective? Adverb? I don't understand.

  15. madmadammim says:

    What a sight!

  16. perligata says:

    Ask him how well he tolerates "cunt".

  17. nester says:

    well, fuck.. i guess that explains why no one reads my fucking posts!

  18. genericvox says:

    "I know you don't care if I never see your sight again..."

    Is that possible? I thought the only sight you can see is... your own...?

  19. flipzagging says:

    You realize you are going to be getting emails like this when you're past retirement age?

    Except they're going to be increasingly like "duh... why don't you get implants?" or "Surely you would have euthanized that clone when it became non-functional?"

  20. avatar says:

    I think everyone secretly wishes they had a lame reply to a post they made so many years ago.

  21. tokyolove says:

    Laurie Anderson ftw

  22. cattycritic says:

    I think "The word is out on your use of verbs" is begging to be randomly tossed into party conversations.

    Actually I was unaware of your verbal abuse. I was ready to be informed about your use of verbs and possible cause of the verbs. I am very disappointed because I haven't learned a fucking thing.