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Increased Milk Production: The devolution of Castro businesses back into the 70's continues.

More, more, more.

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  1. cpratt says:

    What? No Tubgirl pix?

  2. Living in the Castro proper, it has been very interesting to watch the changes.

    And then there were the actors who stopped me on my walk home from work & tried to pick me up by getting me to say 'Kalamata' in a Sean Connery accent.

  3. jsbowden says:

    At right are two crappy photos I was able to snap before security told me to put away my camera.

    What the fuck is that shit? He's taking pictures on a public street. Fuck them.

    If you tried to pull that shit in DC, you'd get laughed at. Unless of course it was a US Govt. facility. Then you might earn a one way trip to a lush Caribbean island.

    • zapevaj says:

      Pictures of motion picture sets and scenery are intellectual property. Unauthorized photography counts as leaked pre-release information.

      Additionally, the city issues a street-usage permit to a production, and that permit allows them to control activity (and even passage) on that particular street. Anyone who has issues with the liberties taken by a fully-permitted production should take it up with the government agency that -granted- the production that permit.

      In simpler terms, the city told them they could do it. Take it up with the city.

  4. Is it strange that when I read the headline, I thought this was about Cuba?