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  1. zonereyrie says:

    Aww, RMS doesn't need the lovin'?

    • zarex says:

      Agreed. RMS needs lovin' too.

      I just don't want to hear about it.

    • dr_memory says:

      He dated Doctress Neutopia for a while. I wish to god I could expunge that knowledge and the inevitable images from my brain. (But I can't, so I share and enjoy!)

    • quercus says:

      I have _smelled_ RMS.

      Whilst he was behind me and I couldn't even see him yet.

      • zonereyrie says:

        I have as well - some years ago at Arisia (Boston SciFi con) he walked up to me and put a pair of headphones on me without warning. He had some portable player, CD player in those days I'd guess, with a headphone splitter. He was going up to people and having them listen to some music he was into. I barely remember it, it was mellow, kind of sitar-y.

        I later ran into him in a hallway having a heated discussion on 'Open Source' vs. 'Free Software' with a bunch of other guys.

      • lionsphil says:

        How long before you were capable of smelling anything else?

  2. perligata says:

    ...he's bred?

    Three phrases I never want RMS to utter around me: "loved tenderly", "tolerant warmth", and "sweetheart".

    • But, see, I figure that's a good thing. By stating that he intends to utter those phrases if you date him, you can make sure you never do. Wouldn't it be worse to respond to a more discreet posting, and then find out you were on a date with RMS? And conversely, the woman who is RMS's destined partner is saved having to reply to a lot of men who will turn out not to show tolerant warmth or paternal devotion to Free Software.

  3. dojothemouse says:

    We should all chip in to get him a gift certificate at Glamour Shots or something.

  4. loftwyr says:

    I can't see why you wouldn't want RMS to have the love and respect of a good open source woman.

    • fu3dotorg says:

      The offspring would be disastrous, that's why.

    • chuck_lw says:

      >I can't see why you wouldn't want RMS to have the love and respect of a good open source woman.

      You mean an open source femmebot?

      Actually, that's not a bad idea. If somebody wants me to buy one of those things, I'll need access to her source code. Otherwise, no deal.

    • duskwuff says:

      "Open source woman"? Around here, we tend to call that "being a slut".

    • lafinjack says:

      Haha, I love it when people steal my icons. Seriously.You have no idea how stupidly-long that one took me to make, and how much boredom it saved me from in Iraq.I noticed a couple you don't have if you like, linked hence:

      • loftwyr says:

        Theyr'e not stolen! You told me last time you saw my (pathetic attempts at) icons to take them!

        They're great and I'd love to know what you used to create them as I can't make mine clear enough to use.

        • fu3dotorg says:

          Yeah, those icons are indeed pretty great.

          The only problem is that when you see them in animation such as this, you wonder what triple-digit-megabyte plugin just installed itself covertly on your system, in order to make them play.

        • lafinjack says:

          Fine, fine, credited and stolen!

          I use Imageready, the gif-making part of Photoshop.

      • spendocrat says:

        I don't know about you, but I hate it when people "steal" the icons I make from copyrighted material.

        I also hate irony.

        • lafinjack says:

          I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make here, as my Sarcas-O-Meter (with optional Iron-O-Graph) is busted, but I'll essplain my stance for you.

          I like making icons. It's fun. It's nice when people say "hey, that's a neat/funny icon". It's cool when they like it enough to want to use it themselves. It's cool when they credit me for the composition (not creation).

          It's also cool when they don't. I really don't care, and as you mentioned it's copyrighted to someone that isn't me, hence why I always use the verb "steal" with icons. I tell people to steal my icons all the time, because icons are for sharing and general joyness. It also doesn't bother me when I see one of my icons credited to someone else - I've only noticed it once, and the person was happy to find the right person, and then steal more icons.

          I notice you haven't credited that icon to the Conversatron. Shame on you.

          • spendocrat says:

            The verb "steal" is inappropriate in general in this situation, but that's a grammar/semantics/"understanding how English works" kind of thing. I already know that battle is lost (along with the fight against such gems like "Where is the movie theater at?") with respect to the general public, but it's a hobby horse I like to ride from time to time.

            *ahem* Anyways... .

            It's stupid that icon creaters give a damn about getting credit when the whole of this kind of fandom (icon makers, fanfic writers) relies completely on parasitic copyright infringement. It's hypocritical. Where is the "original material coutesy of Such and Such Production company" credit in your icon description?

            I in fact do credit the Conversatron for my icon (publicly, even!), I just haven't happened to do it in the way that you find acceptable. Boo hoo.

            • lafinjack says:

              I use the verb 'steal' exactly because it's inappropriate. I stole the original artwork, because I think it's neat, and it's almost always very clear who the original maker was or what it came from. If someone asks, I link them. I never claim it as my own, and this is also why I never ask for credit. If people don't want to credit me, I don't care. I have this stance on icons to try and counteract the way people get rabidly stupid about icons. They're supposed to be fun to mess with, and these people are sucking the joy out of it.

              And it's funny you mention I don't credit the original makers on my icons page, but then say you credit your icons - just not on the icons page.


              • spendocrat says:

                Yes, you don't care so much that you came into someone else's journal and mentioned how you don't care. Good work there.

                Why you're making a stink about this when you "don't care" is unfathomable. I making a stink about hypocrisy, which you seem to have in spades, and which the whole icon-credit-whining community does as well (and which makes me a jerk arguing about nothing actually important, but that's fine). I mention that you don't credit the original authors and writers because every time you say you "don't care" about credit I don't believe you. It seems that you care just as much as the next fanfic-writing, icon-making asshole -- most of whom make a huge deal about "icon stealing" with a completely straight face.

                jwz will come and yell at us now, so you're free to come reiterate how you "don't actually care, seriously" in my journal.

  5. elfs says:

    Oh, I dunno. Seems perfectly in-line with RMS.

  6. pozorvlak says:

    I remember reading about the development of Hurd a while ago, and coming across the following gem:

    The GNU kernel was not originally supposed to be called the HURD. Its;s original name was Alix-named after the women who was my sweetheart at that time. She, a Unix system administrator, had pointed out how her name would fit a common naming pattern for Unix system version; as a joke, she told ger friends, "Someone should name a kernel after me." I said nothing, but decided to surprise her with a kernel named Alix.

    It did not stay that way. Micheal Bushnell (now Thomas), the main developer of the kernel, preferred the name HURD, and redefined Alix to refer to a certain part of the kernel-the part that would trap system calls and handle them by sending messages to HURD servers.

    Ultimately, Alix and I broke up, and she changed her name; idependently, the HURD design was changes so that the C library would send messages directly to the servers, and this made the Alix component disapper from the design.

    But before these things happened, a friend of hers came across the name Alix in the HURD source code, and mentioned the name to her. So the name did its job.

    Wow. Not only did she break up with him, she changed her name - so he couldn't find her, perhaps?

  7. substitute says:

    RMS craigslist ad versus ESR sex tips: FIGHT

  8. nightrider says:

    ...rms needs love, too.

    He just wants you to poke his belly so he can giggle like the pillsbury dough boy.

    oh, and rms, if you're reading this, plz U n0 h4x m3, kthxbai.

  9. cattycritic says:

    If RMS gets lovin' then he'll lose his 5uP0r h4X0r p0w3rz.

    OTOH she might help him with his fear of food that grows in the ground.

    I'm not sure whether these are good or bad things.

    • fu3dotorg says:

      Well, eating your carefully (and graphically) extracted dental-floss for the full length of a [zoomed in] open source video-interview will only nourish you for so long, so I'd had re-aquainted myself with whatever's underground, spare corpses, any day, if I was along the same phobic paths, (but; hey..)

  10. gordonzola says:

    heh. this whole post is way over my head. I thought you were just being mean and making fun of some hippie-looking dude, but obviously it's way beyond that.

  11. buz says:

    ...My 23-year-old child, the Free Software Movement, occupies most of my life, leaving no room for more children...

    d00d - he named his kid the Free Software Movement! How cool is THAT?!

  12. xrayspx says:

    I look a lot like Stallman. To the point of people putting recaptioned RMS articles on my cube. To the point that my wife just saw your post, laughed in my face, and went to bed. But at least, at LEAST, I don't literally sing the praises of Free Software (your own mp3 right back atcha).

    The negative side is, he's 21 years older than me, yet I seem to have way more grey hair.

  13. The weird thing is that if he shaved and used a little conditioner, he'd look kinda like PC game industry laughingstock and former chick magnet John Romero. Okay, like Romero's uncle maybe.

  14. veevi says:

    ohmigawd. That made me choke.

    Somewhere around here I have the "pleasure card" he gave me ten years ago (he said he didn't have a "business card", and then kissed my hand. Eep!) Classy, no? Especially since he appeared to be hitting on me while I was being introduced to him by my then fiance, who was a former employee of his.

    I hear he has girlgeek groupies, though.

  15. zoratu says:

    he didn't mention "flying into fits of near-homicidal rage at smallest whim being obstructed" as one of his most salient characteristics.

    • fu3dotorg says:

      The mere mention of that attribute would've doubtlessly proven obstructive to him, so, it was probably omitted so as not to trigger an infinite loop.

  16. stu_hacking says:

    You can share your feelings of love with him, but ultimately he gets the final say over whether they're accepted and integrated into the relationship.

    "we can share bouts of intense, passionately kind awareness of each other..."

    This image is strangely horrifying.