no party for you.

Bug 392686: Mozilla ten year anniversary party.

I haven't been even remotely involved in the project for nine years, so none of this really has anything to do with me (and hosting their party would have only cost me money) but I still think it's pretty sad that the anniversary is going to go completely un-celebrated.

I kind of expected their response to be, "But we have a perfectly good cafeteria", or "Oh, we're just going to get a booth at the Tied House instead", but this is even lamer. Saying "We're not having an anniversary party because we're celebrating all year" is like saying "You don't get a birthday party because every day is equally special!"

Remember that time when you entered the science fair, and then they decided to give everybody first prize, even the kid who ate paste? It's like that.

I really shouldn't care about this. But, geez.

Update: Hey, they changed their minds! There will in fact be a Mozilla Ten Year Anniversary Party at DNA Lounge on Mon, Mar 31. Details TBA.

Update 2: Scratch that, they changed their minds again. No party for you.

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28 Responses:

  1. ...Wait, you mean every day isn't equally special?

  2. cpratt says:

    Anyone who double-spaces between sentences is a tool.

  3. gwillen says:

    Eh, that didn't sound to me like "we don't want a party at the DNA Lounge". That sounded to me like "I am a tool, please ignore me and listen to all the actual contributors."

    Of course I say that having no idea who that person was, so there'll be egg on my face if she's an important developer or something.

    • jwz says:

      Apparently that person is's "events coordinator", so that answer is authoritative.

  4. t0rque says:

    Amusingly enough, I think I went to high school with the Mary in that final bug comment.

    The world is too damned small.

  5. mackys says:

    I say invite a bunch of your old Moz friends to come and have a drink and hang out at the DNA. Official or not official, who cares - the point is those were cool people and it's fun to hang out with them. And hell, you own the club, so why not? It's not like you have to close it down or make it a private party. Just invite everyone down to hang out some night when a decent band is playing.

  6. elliterati says:

    It's been 10 years?

    Christ, I'm old...

  7. ladykalessia says:

    I share my birthday with Mozilla. Who knew.

  8. theducks says:

    "Hi, my name's Mary, and I'm a PR Droid. I don't actually care about what I'm marketing, and it's my job to put crap news in the best light possible."

    Mission Accomplished ;)

  9. mark242 says:

    Screw them. You need to host a 10-year anniversary of iPlanet.

  10. joel says:

    Yeah? Well, You should have your own party! With blackjack and hookers! In fact, forget the party!

  11. mc_kingfish says:

    I'm totally ignorant of the significance of any of it and I was still totally irritated by the comments made by the people in that thread.

    I guess they felt they needed to make the 10 year anniversary more accessible to all the people who were involved in this thing who were under 11 years old at the time of it's creation.


  12. lrc says:

    Wow! Ten years already!

    That first party was a lot of fun, and I for one, appreciate your having thrown it. I still have the T-shirt they gave away at the SVLUG meeting that night.

  13. Wow, that's some bad PR work there.

    "Gosh, we had a successful anniversary party 8 years ago that people are still talking about having enjoyed. But rather than do the same thing again and maybe pay homage to the old guard who helped make this anniversary happen, we want to open up this event to a bunch of teenagers who don't remember that time, oh, and because the old guard might not have a babysitter for the night. Never mind the huge press we got from that old party. We want to be famiwy-friendwy! Because, you know, the teens are where it's at, they're like, our future and stuff. Even if they haven't got much money or otherwise contribute anything useful to our enterprise."


    If for some reason this happens despite their cluelessness, I think you should play ten-year-old music.

  14. transgress says:

    but I still think it's pretty sad that the anniversary is going to go completely un-celebrated.

    try writing not bullshit software then.

  15. Poor Mary. I wonder if she's been dead on the inside all her life?
    Or if there was a tiny spark long ago when she was a kid.

  16. lohphat says:

    Put the word out that you'll be open that Monday and get it out to the people who matter. If the grapevine, or in this case uucp, works properly, those who arrive will have less suck. Mary can bring her bunched panties if she wants. Who cares?

    You don't have to call it an anniversary party. It's your club, you can fucking call it anything you want. "The 10th Anniversary Reunion of a Cool Project Before the Suck Arrived" Cover: $20. 21+. MBAs will be cock-punched at the door.

    Go ahead. Do it.

    I'll eat another handful of wasabi if you do.

  17. aml says:

    the computer shop i work for is holding a funeral for Netscape tonight, and a requiem for 90s internet euphoria. we're doing pub trivia and showing hackers.

    i think AOL dropping netscape is an interesting milestone, and i hadn't realized it was in the 10th anniversary year of the initial source release.