Mini Cloaca

The brand new 8th Cloaca, Mini Cloaca

The tubular structure is made of metal and glass, and composed of mechanical organs that swallow, grind, digest and defecate a given amount of food. While Super Cloaca consumes 300 kg of food and produces 80 kg of faeces per day, the quantity of food ingested by the dwarfed one is equivalent to that of a breakfast.

[...] he also ate the same meal as a Cloaca machine, gathered some of the product of its digestion, went to the toilet, collected some of his own faecal matter and brought the two samples to a laboratory. The scientist compared the two samples bacteriologically and found them very similar.


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14 Responses:

  1. ammonoid says:

    Isn't there enough crap in the world already? Why make a machine to make more?

  2. iota says:

    I bet that scientist's parents sure are proud... 8 years of college and now he's employed as a shit tester for a nutjob who makes fake digestive systems.

  3. abates says:

    Ladies and gentlemen: SCIENCE!

    • lionsphil says:

      SCIEN—no, wait, no it's not:

      The artist actually refused to sell one of his machines to a diaper company that hoped to use it for tests.

  4. giles says:

    As a new parent I have no interest in this until it is integrated into a baby doll.

  5. lordshell says:


    What the fuck . . .?!

  6. pir_anha says:

    Current Music: Red Aunts -- When Sugar Turns to Shit

    i certainly can't fault your choice of music for this post. :)

  7. fu3dotorg says:

    This is the resource-allocation subsystem for Microsoft's next implementation of Windows;

    -The sum of your computer's resources go in one end and is consistently processed along the well-familiar MS guidelines.

  8. hafnir says:

    Holy crap (literally), is that what that was? We walked by it in Luxembourg City in late November; you could see it through a window off one of the main streets. I might have a little video of it. We thought it looked pretty cool, but couldn't tell what it was. I think I'm glad we kept our distance! :)

  9. rakafkaven says:

    "...Super Cloaca consumes 300 kg of food and produces 80 kg of faeces per day..."


    1. Super Cloaca produces something other than faeces, such as delicious chicken mcnuggets.
    2. Super Cloaca is growing at a prodigious rate and will soon threaten its host civilization.
    3. Super Cloaca is converting 220 kg of food/day directly to energy, which will render all other forms of generating heat and electricity obsolete if we ever find a way to contain and harness the raging maelstrom of output that dwarfs every nuclear reactor ever built.
  10. kfringe says:

    I don't see an ethernet port on it. It's usefulness is severely limited.

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