in which I am both fascinated and horrified

Yazoo reunion tour.

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  1. giles says:

    Yeah, sure, when you have two members. But can they get Information Society back together? :P

    Do you think Vince Clarke intentionally sought out an incredibly low pitched woman and an incredibly high pitched man for his duos? And why are Erasure's videos so weird?

    • jerronimo says:

      But... Information Society *is* back together...

      • giles says:

        Yeah but see they did this show on TV where... see... and they made it look like Kurt wasn't showing up when they already knew he wasn't...

        Okay, let's just say my post was funnier before I looked them up again and found out Christopher Anton wasn't the vocalist anymore again. Is there a mailing list I can get on here, people!?

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Didn't they have, like, 2 good songs?

    And they can squeeze 4 CDs worth of crap out of that? Jesus.

    • kevinspencer says:

      They made two studio albums. So add in the b-sides and remixes and you get your *3* CDs. The 4th disc is a DVD with videos, interviews etc.

      But because you read the article you already knew that right?

      • fantasygoat says:

        I did, in fact, but cared so little I immediately forgot about the DVD the minute I pressed the back button.

        Shit is shit, it doesn't matter how you package it.

  3. pixel_juice says:

    Now where's Bronski Beat?

  4. harvie says:

    Diverging somewhat, I figure you know that OMD are back together and touring?

    • marmoset says:

      The question is whether they're focusing on the Organisation/Dazzle Ships/Architecture and Morality material or the... other stuff.

      • harvie says:

        Well I went to the Architecture and Morality concert in London and they played all of A&M and then most of 'the other stuff' so you can't really go wrong...

  5. violentbloom says:

    So who wants to go to london to see them?