HUD contacts

The article says absolutely nothing that the photos don't already say:

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  1. jered says:

    Not immediately apparent from the picture, although your listening choice is a hint, is that the 2nd image is of a cybernetic killer predator-bunny, not a cybernetic killer predator-albino.

  2. ammonoid says:

    And how long till someone hacks it to make you see ads, a la Snowcrash?

  3. drjon says:

    WANT. NOW.

    • cattycritic says:

      From the picture, they obviously have to finish torturing the scared fluffy bunny with it first, to make sure it won't slice your eyelids or your cornea off, leach PCBs or heavy metals onto your eyeball, and stuff like that. So you may just have to wait.

        • xrayspx says:

          If they protest, I would respectfully ask for volunteers from their membership. Failing that, I will help trap Ingrid Newkirk so we can get these tested and shipped out.

          These would change my entire "poking myself in the eye" policy.

      • drjon says:

        My mistake, I had not realized it were a Bunny. I thought it were a Katten, and was wondering what the beastie had done which warranted it getting to try them first.

        I was also wondering what made them think a Katten would enjoy a contact lens HUD.

        Odd that they'd require animal testing on such a well-established technology. Me, I'd be calling for human volunteers.

  4. pdkl95 says:

    Am I interpreting this correctly that the top picture looks to be about 6x6 or 7x7, and the bottom one a 4x4 cell display?

    I guess we could make a wearable version of "popsquares" then...

  5. mandy_moon says:

    Ah, those lucky bunnies have all the fun. When the Bad Scientists want to test out a new eye-related miracle, they always test it on bunnies rather than monkeys or pigs or rats or squids. They say it's because the rabbit is the smallest rodenty animal they can get that has eyes big enough to be a good model for human eyes.

    • nightrider says:

      That, and they're the most delicious after you're done with the study. Oh, that and their eyes are fairly close in shape/size/sensitivity to human eyes, and bunnies will tolerate contacts a lot better than dogs/cats/piggies. Did I mention that they're delicious?


      -Bad Scientist

      • mandy_moon says:

        As a Bad Scientist, I would have agreed with you except I eat them after the study because they deserve it. I find them kind of gamey and the Fatal Plus makes makes them bitter.

  6. zhenyach says:

    How fitting that it's rabbits who started wearing first!

  7. unholyguy says:

    sounds exactly like Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge to me. Guy who wrote that article should have read it...

  8. nightrider says:

    Sweet zombie jesus, just think of all the pr0n applications this could have...

    • lionsphil says:

      Conversely, it could be used to auto-censor goatse, thus making the Internet safe for the timid and easily-offended again.