History of the Predictive Text Swearing

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  1. nightrider says:

    I am particularly thrilled with the fact that they made the point of mentioning that 2625 can translate to either "COCK" or "ANAL".

    • xx_kitty_kat_xx says:

      They're the first two words that come up on my predictive text when I type those numbers.

      • bdu says:

        Coal Anal Cock in that order, on my phone. Seems reasonable to me. Shit, on the other hand, is totally absent in a similar manner as that which is mocked in the above video.

        • ahruman says:

          And if you have a sudden problem involving colonic problems in roosters, you will certainly be grateful.

    • baconmonkey says:

      and how long til 2625 becomes a code word on personal and escort ads?

    • jkow says:

      yeah... noticed that once, trying to type Joe Cocker, which it didn't know, but stopped at proposing Joe Anal. :)

  2. korgmeister says:

    You know, I have often thought about this.

    Thank God for the feature which allows me to add words to the T9 dictionary.

  3. skington says:

    Scariest of all, one of EthanRBradford's comments on the Youtube page is actually informative and useful. What is the world coming to, if there are informative Youtube comments?

  4. kavavita says:

    completely, utterly brilliant

  5. lovingboth says:

    Now 'no longer available'.