Apparently not photoshopped:


19 Responses:

  1. lafinjack says:

    He's gonna need a bigger boat.

  2. travisd says:

    OK, not cool posting that 3 days before I leave to spend a week on a boat. Diving. In. The. Ocean.

  3. taiganaut says:

    I'm trying real hard to think of a great lolshark caption.

  4. editer says:

    He found the little man in the boat.

  5. violentbloom says:

    That's terrifyng. That's straight out of jaws.
    Suddenly I'm five again and afraid to go in the swimming pool.

  6. dtk says:

    So do you know where this was taken? I want to go kayak fishing there.

  7. kraquehaus says:

    Yes, this is old hat:


    Summation: Yes, it is a real pic and totally awesome.

    On the other hand, this is fake, but still totally awesome:


  8. fayanora says:

    lj cut is your friend. :-)

  9. boonedog says:

    Sharks, like pitbulls, get a bad rap. Well, ok, I'm not going to go out and adopt a baby white shark for a pet. But still.

  10. darkengobot says:

    The kayak in "yum yum yellow" makes the photo.

  11. mobiletash says:

    That had better not be Sydney or I'll move.

  12. fgmr says:

    Sweet. I'd love to get that close.