today's fanboygram: on verbs

Apparently in response to something I posted nine years ago.

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 14:16:29 EST
Subject: Wrist Pain

I was ready to be informed about your wrist pain and possible cause of the pain. I can tolerate a lot of things but to use a verb in the wrong way (F...) is more than I can tolerate. That is the one word I never tolerate. I know you don't care if I never see your sight again but you did note you had not been getting the attention you had at one time, so I'm suggesting it could be the word is out on your use of verbs,

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Treo 700p: old and busted. Centro: new hotness.

My Treo met an untimely death when I kicked a cup of tea into it, so I upgraded. This passing made me sad, because I had just painted the Treo's case to divest myself of the cognitive polution of the logos and text that plaster it like a NASCAR racer (Krylon Fusion FTW), but it turns out that the Centro is better in every way. Well, in one way. It has almost exactly the same specs (except for somewhat worse battery life) but it's a lot smaller. Did I mention a lot smaller?

They also switched from SD to MicroSD. Have you seen these things? They're ridiculous! Nothing removable needs to be that small. It's like a joke: like the "Noisy Cricket" gun from Men in Black.

Unfortunately, even though that's an 8GB card, the Centro seems to only see 4GB of that. What year is this? What kind of pinheads are still writing device drivers that make those kinds of assumptions?

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