Mini Cloaca

The brand new 8th Cloaca, Mini Cloaca

The tubular structure is made of metal and glass, and composed of mechanical organs that swallow, grind, digest and defecate a given amount of food. While Super Cloaca consumes 300 kg of food and produces 80 kg of faeces per day, the quantity of food ingested by the dwarfed one is equivalent to that of a breakfast.

[...] he also ate the same meal as a Cloaca machine, gathered some of the product of its digestion, went to the toilet, collected some of his own faecal matter and brought the two samples to a laboratory. The scientist compared the two samples bacteriologically and found them very similar.


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mixtape 014

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 014.

When I started making this one, I was thinking of it as "Difficult Listening Hour", but it ended up being a lot more rhythmic than I expected. Anyway, back before the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event, this is the sort of thing that we used to refer to as "Industrial".

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