no, you can't have a ball pit. (not yours.)

I wrote about it in 2005.

Then there was an xkcd comic about it in 2007.

Then this guy bought 1,500 (which isn't that many, really).

Then the xkcd guy did it, too (looks like around 3,000?)

Now the guys got in on the action (clocking in at 23,000).

And there is also a convenient calculator, which pretty much agrees with my math.

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outrage fatigue

White House Missing Emails Were "Recycled"

Last night, in a midnight filing, the Bush adminstration admitted that it did not properly archive emails. But, that's not all --- they also admit to taping over the back-up tapes containing the email records. [...]

So, there was a system in place to archive emails, and the Bush administration simply stopped using it. Is there really any doubt that this is deliberately criminal activity? Those emails contain the details of the invasion of Iraq, the outing of Valerie Plame and the endangerement of our vital intelligence network, and the scheme to fire competent US Attorneys who refused to do their dirty work. [...]

And what about all of those RNC accounts the Bush officials were using? Remember those other "missing" emails? By Dana Perino's own admission there were at least 5 million missing.

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