By the way, I find it sad that my 1997 list already has six times as many comments as my 2007 list. People! Look to the future! Or at least to last week!

How sad?

I would say that I am this sad:

Possibly even this sad:

But definitely not this sad:

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23 Responses:

  1. dachte says:

    The present is so ten years ago, man!

  2. We need to develop at least seven more points on this scale. I can help.

  3. mackys says:

    This is just off the cuff, but I was wondering if maybe the reason that few people listen to the mix tapes (and comment on them) is that they don't stay up very long. Possibly there's a legal reason for that. If not, maybe you can keeping them up longer, and/or rotate old ones back in? Something to give people the maximum possible time to listen. Might catalyze a little more commentary.

  4. arch_nme says:

    It's been a while since I saw a picture of a kitten or a cat on my monitor without a caption on it.

  5. colubra says:, thank you for the link to the story on Ut.

  6. Observe the difference between "I like this" and "x is a stupid fucker for liking y, z is much better!"

  7. autodidactic says:

    I remember it giving me pause when I found out about the two photographs on the right.

  8. loftwyr says:

    Just to be a little devil's advocate, you have a lot of music on your 2007 list that, while released in 2007, is a throwback to at LEAST 10 years ago.

    Shreikback? I was a fan in the 80's and even their website says their bringing back their 80's sound. Look through your own comments and see how many your refer to as 80's/90's sounding or a mix of two bands from 10-20 years ago.

    Maybe the '97 list was more... up to date.. than your 2007 list.

    • jwz says:

      I'd say that's a shot and a miss...

      Half the bands I listen to these days seem to think it's 1982, not 1997.

      • baconmonkey says:

        so it's better to listen to new old music, than sorta old music?

        • jwz says:

          I didn't say that.

          It's better to listen to music that is good.

          However, being ignorant of music that is new... is bad.

      • loftwyr says:

        But that's exactly the point. A band trying to sound like a band from the 80's is old compared to the "newer" work from the 90's when electronica was trying new things.

  9. rsdio says:

    Sounds kinda like the old farts reminiscing about the old-timey good old days.

    I suspect it gets worse 20 or 30 years on.

  10. You do realize, that under current laws, that third picture makes you a child pornagrapher....

  11. msjen says:

    To be fair, that might be because it's higher up in peoples' FLs, which are overflowing with year-end music, movie, book, and i-went-to-36-countries-and-got-a-puppy-and-a-raise-and-all-i-got-was-more depressed reviews.

  12. It is easier to be nostalgic than be challenged by new(ish) things.

  13. saltdawg says:

    I ended up making more ca$h this year than any before in my life---but because of the whole jail thing, this year really fucking sucked. I'm waiting for the 15th before I buy a new laptop, but rest assured that once I have more than an iPhone to write upon, a torrent of hate will spill forth. I do so love the sad kitten...

  14. danarama says:

    At least Kim Phuc had a much happier year. :)