mixtape 009

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 009.

If you were to refer to this mixtape as "punk rock" then the elderly in the audience might beat you with their canes, so let's just not upset them like that, ok?

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  1. fastfwd says:

    Thanks, sonny.

    You know, in my day, we had to walk 20 miles through the snow--uphill, both ways--to the moshpit.

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    Thanks for thinking of me...

  3. rly says:

    Josie and the Pussycats is the most underrated comic book movie of all time.

  4. melanina says:

    socks=knocked off.
    Why don't I know Los Abandoned? Is all their stuff this good?

  5. boonedog says:

    Ha. I was just repeating what you said about us elderly folks beating people with canes to jope and our 3-year old said, "Candy canes? You're going to beat people with candy canes? Cool!"

    I will spare you the taking L7 to the airport in '91 story.

    • ericnadler says:

      Please don't tease like that! Let's hear the story! I love L7...

      • boonedog says:

        It's such a lame story though. One of those embarrassing moments that comes up in my head when I hear the band.

        Fine. Here goes. My boyfriend at the time was friends with them and they'd played a show together the night before. He had to go to work so he asked me to drive them to the airport and I was afraid of them because they looked like they could kick my ass. As it was, I wasn't able to take them because I was busy that day so they took the airport shuttle. But I got teased for quite awhile about how I didn't take them because I was afraid of them.

  6. Was just listening to the Epoxies this week ... actually, I think it was even We're So Small. They're SO good.

  7. g_na says:

    Hey, the Devo qualifies as punk rock. And I think I've earned my cane when I say I remember when that album came out ... and I played it on a pirate radio station at the time.

  8. bonniegrrl says:

    thanks santa!

  9. capo_mojo says:

    Is it OK to play music that "encourages" copying itself (C30, C60, C90 Go)?

    BTW: Best. Mixtape. Evar. But I'm elderly (I've got my home-taped music-killing copy of "Your Cassette Pet" around somewhere). Get off my lawn.

  10. wronghunter says:

    These have been great, can't wait to see next week if they're numbered in hex.

    Incidentally, is Mixtape #8 broken? It's cut out twice for me after Frostiva -- Pathos. This was last night, under iTunes.