mixtape 008

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 008.

Wherein it becomes clear that they're not numbered in octal.

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  1. fnivramd says:

    When I was a lad 8 was an octal digit and we liked it that way.

    [ ref "The C Programming Language" First Ed. ]

  2. telecart says:

    Thanks, I really like em'.

  3. variable_z says:

    I'm thoroughly enjoying it thus far. The opening song could have been a bit more...energetic to start things off.

    Just wondering: could I get your permission to link back to review the mixtapes in my journal? And link back to the mixtape page on the club homepage? I know it's crazy to ask something like that, but on my old WordPress blog, this guy got uber-pissed when I reviewed something without his consent. Fucking lunacy.

  4. Was very nice and mellow to study to today. Thanks.

    (Though, at some point, the song later identified as "Breath Control" caused me to fall out of my train of thought with a "WAIT WHAT THE HELL IS SHE SAYING??!?")

  5. vitorious says:

    This one seemed a little different than the others. I enjoyed most of the selections and am going to have to check out a lot more of the artists than the usual two or three. Thanks.

  6. defenestr8r says:

    i didn't know you liked run run run. i think they are chomping at the bit to play PR. just say the word. i was not that into them, but my mind has been changed before.

    also, not to play critic, but isn't space monkey a re-run from one of the first couple mix tapes?

  7. vare2 says:

    Loved this tape <3