mixtape 007

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 007.

Questions? Comments? Fresh ground pepper on that?

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18 Responses:

  1. pyrop says:

    I haven't listened to this yet, but: Ana Voog? Seriously?

  2. jwm says:

    I'm impressed Minuit have managed to make some impression outside of New Zealand. How much of their material have you heard?

  3. elliterati says:

    Seems to not be working at the moment, Sunday, 11 PM CST. Haven't had any problems with any of the others.

    Thanks for these, by the way. I love them.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's just me.

  4. bitwise says:

    How could something as great as Minuit not be for sale anywhere on this side of the planet?

  5. cryptomail says:

    Was/is there any (meta) data for previous mix tapes on http://cerebrum.dnalounge.com/mixtapes/?
    Currently showing 0x005-0x007.
    Induction has led me to 0x001-0x004 :D

    Thank you for these notsuck compilations.

  6. eqe says:

    I love the minuit track. So far this is my favorite mixtape.

    And yes, just a dusting of pepper on the greens, please.

  7. strangehours says:

    Thanks. And for all the previous mixtapes too. Please don't stop!

  8. elusis says:

    A question for you (though I fear the hamster macro!)

    I have tried to listen to a couple of these on my MacBook; I have streams set to play through iTunes. It seems as if I'm not permitted to hit pause, because when I do, the stream starts over from the beginning as soon as I hit play. I know copyright stuff may not allow streams to be saveable, but have you gotten reports from other iTunes users about not being able to pause? I was going to play around to see if I can use QuickTime or my pathetic Mac version of WinAmp but I"ve read back through some of the comments and haven't seen anything about this particular problem.

    I like what I've heard; it's just that I can almost never guarantee an uninterrupted two-hour period of time to listen to them!

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, there's no way to make it able to pause the stream without also making it seekable, which is Against The Rules. (The way pausing actually works is: stop, then later, start and seek.)

      Now if only [ REDACTED ]

      • elusis says:

        Wel, hypothetically speaking, it appears hypothetically possible that a hypothetical program such as Quick Time could cope with that problem. Although it can't seem to see the metadata. Hypothetically.

        • jwz says:

          [ HAMSTER MACRO ]

          • elusis says:

            DO NOT WANT

            (and: am not, not for this little player as far as I can tell, since it's mostly meant for movies rather than streams. Hey, it works. And I can follow along with the playlists on your site, because I'm not totally [HAMSTER MACRO].)