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Panton Visiona

Apparently this was the interior of a cruise ship! (Emphasis on "cruise", I imagine.) There are some more photos on the flash abomination that is the Verner Panton web site.

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17 Responses:

  1. kraquehaus says:

    This looks very similar to portions of Lenny Kravitz's house in Florida. (Seen in a magazine years ago and could not easily find pics on the web.)

  2. drreagan says:

    The colours and lighting remind me a lot of the dreamspace exhibit that toured around up until a couple of years ago after an accident killed a couple of people who were visiting it.

  3. it was exhibited in a 'summer of love' retrospective in wien in 2006 and me and my girlfriend spent some quality time in it. you begin to think that it would be a great addition to the house and after all it shouldn't be very difficult to build... then you start to worry about dust and who's gonna clean it.

  4. nightrider says:

    All I keep thinking about is that you would never, ever be able to clean that. Not really clean it. There would always be some spot you missed...and then you put your hand down... "EWWW!"

  5. cygnus says:

    At least now we know what the Fortress of Solitude would look like if Superman hosted a rave.

  6. Oh god, it's like being a hamster.

    I need a home of wiggle caverns.

  7. Barbarella Funkadella!

  8. aimees says:

    That's fucking amazing.

  9. divelog says:

    You can still buy most of the stuff in that video, for instance:

    $12,000 is a bit steep for me though.