from above you it devours

Adam Wallacavage:


14 Responses:

  1. kumimonster says:

    wow i want the lamp!

    i actually really do!

  2. elena says:

    I'm SO FUCKING DONE with octopi. way to wear out a good thing

  3. All these "tentacles" posts reminds me of eigth grade.

    My teacher took my notebook from me and found tens of dozens of drawings of octopi and squids. She then said "do you like squids to rub their testicles on you?"

  4. Want want want!

  5. g_na says:

    You know, Susan's birthday is coming up soon...

  6. lilmissnever says:

    Really, I don't understand why people say I'm difficult to shop for.

  7. mandy_moon says:

    Yeah, but you have to feed it Orangina daily.

  8. OOOOOOoooh! If only I had monies.