5:17 PM: EOF

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  1. veevi says:

    i'm glad you captured this; it was a glorious end to the year.

  2. sparklydevil says:

    it was AMAZING out by the beach. never seen one quite like that before.

  3. pauraque says:

    I work in Berkeley, and when I got off everyone had come out of their stores to look at the sky.

  4. siphet says:

    i was marveling at this on bart. glad someone captured it!

  5. lnghnds says:

    I was lucky enough to be 4000' over Santa Cruz to witness this one!

  6. netik says:

    I saw that too as I was leaving the Safeway, but all I had was my iphone:

  7. perligata says:

    Ugh, why was I inside?! Glad you captured it!

  8. darkengobot says:

    Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

    Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

  9. I collected a bunch of last night's sunset shots on flickr:

  10. xvs says:


    happy new year! :)

  11. rose_garden says:

    My friends and I took a road trip to SF for New Years. I had never been before.

    We saw the sunset from Golden Gate Park, and it was beautiful.

    Then we went to the DNA Lounge. :)