These are the same mad masterminds who made the PKDickBot.

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13 Responses:

  1. drjon says:

    Can't be that clever a bot. It didn't electrocute Bush.

    (FYI: http://drjon.livejournal.com/974740.html)

  2. killbox says:

    Asimo meet ass-hat-i-mo

  3. ydna says:

    He seems shorter than I remember.

  4. kyhwana says:

    The dumbest man in the world meets the robot version of a dead really smart man, that is still smarter than him.

  5. hadlock says:

    This reminds me vaugely of the Einstein, Lincon and other bots in Arthur C. Clarke's Rama series. I think the idea was that they wanted the human-looking bots to look human, but be easily distinguishable from the regular population.

  6. zhenyach says:

    How many bots are here on this picture? One, two, or three?

  7. lars_larsen says:

    Where is the cable coming out of dubbya?

  8. nelc says:

    Did they ever find the PKD bot that went missing?