the uncanny esophagus

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  1. nidea says:

    the rolling eyes of Simroid are creepy!
    the horror film... hmm. It's pretty funny, really. I can't quite tell whether she's enjoying having her "something down there" or not.

  2. wfaulk says:

    I feel like this is something that I must have encountered here, but I cannot find it now. If it is, sorry for the repeat:

  3. noweb4u says:

    The one thing I can think of after watching the first video is how everyday, we're one step closer to the plot line of Firefly. How much longer until we get to the hot looking weaponized ninja girls?

  4. rantzilla says:

    Will Simroid accuse you of malpractice if you fondle her breast more than six times?

  5. So the men dwelt there. When spring came, the chieftain's wife spoke thus to him: "We women of this country differ from yours. At the same time as the grass begins to sprout, teeth sprout in our vaginas. So our husbands cannot stay with us. The east wind is our husband. When the east wind blows, we all turn our buttocks towards it, and thus conceive children. Sometimes we bear male children. But these male children are killed and done away with when they become fit to lie with women. For that reason, this is a land which has women only. It is called woman-land. So when, brought by some bad god, you came to this land of mine, there were teeth in my vagina because it was summer, for which reason I did not marry you. But I married you when the teeth fell out. Now, as the teeth are again sprouting in my vagina because spring has come, it is now impossible for us to sleep together. I will send you home to-morrow. So do tell your sons to come here to-day in order to be ready."

  6. dossy says:

    Aww, why did they give the Simroid teeth?

    Guess I'll keep my Realdoll after all.