mixtape 006

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 006.

It is perhaps a bit different than what you have come to expect so far.

It is also composed of music that is not terribly recent, as I've pretty much lost track of releases in this style in the last few years. Please to be making the suggestions.

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  1. kraquehaus says:

    1) Autechre -- Second Bad Vilbel

    That is probably one of the best electronic based songs ever made off of Autechre's best album ever made.

    2) MC 900ft Jesus


  2. krfsm says:

    If you like 5F_55, Mike Brun, half of that band, formed 5F-X a while back, who have a similar style.

  3. telecart says:

    Yay for Panacea.

    A few random recommendations:

    Photek - Baltimore (Tech Itch & Dylan Remix) [Form & Function Vol 2 Promo]
    Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (skc rmx) [renegade hardware]
    Sabre - Elite [renegade recordings]
    Total Science - Street Level (Loxy rmx) [renegade hardware]
    Dj Fresh - Chainsaw [Violence rec]
    Gridlock - The Fillmore [Project 51]

    Anything by Counterstrike (usually on Cell or Algorythm], Pendulum [Breakbeat Kaos] and Concord Dawn [Uprising/Ill.Skillz]

  4. greyface says:
    • Kate Mosh (the other, OTHER Kate Mosh) who I believe is Panacea in disguise
    • Manufactura
    • Unitus
    • I imagine, that even though they're not on the mixtape, you are already familiar with (and let me guess... hate) The Venetian Snares?
    • Justice (very new, not as breaky & heavy, and only about 1/2 good, but suggested about 50% as an excuse to repeat my judgment that they're Daft-Punk, if Daft-Punk had a short attention span)
  5. benediktus says:

    somehow it's that the kind of music my students always use in their final presentations. must be the reason why i'm reluctant to listen to stuff like this at home (i also show pavlovian conditioning by immediately imagine cheesy cgi). nevertheless worthwhile.
    some (stale) tunes from my vault that might fit peripherally:

    kulturni program - YC 30
    Rosewater - Random Replay
    Hypnoskull - Technothrill
    mochipet - plastic carpet ride (ranbient works 2002)
    Add N to (X) - Is that alright FYUZ (Return of the black regent EP)

  6. srcosmo says:

    Autechre can still write a good tune, although the style is not the same as Tri Repetae.

    • jwz says:

      The early stuff is great, but I think they lost their minds after Chiastic Slide. I find ep7, Confield and Draft 7.30 unlistenable.

  7. jabberwokky says:

    This is not the kind of music I can claim to know, but I'm about halfway through and I like it. I've heard similar bits and pieces in bumper music or at various clubs and events, but have never really matched songs to groups or titles. If you had any aspirations to expand the musical tastes of the people listening, you are succeeding. I tend toward the vaguely Folk/Punk/Americana corner of music (Nick Cave, old and young) with forays into showtunes and symphonic metal: all pretty afar from these pieces. As a result, I can't quite give many suggestions other than a general nod to the fact that I'm unfamiliar with it and it is enjoyable. The past mixes had bands I was familiar with or own several albums of, but this one has only a few bands whose names are vaguely familiar.

    Thanks for the musical tour. I'm looking forward to future installments.

  8. intoner says:

    this is the best mix tape you've done so far, IMO.

    totally surprised to see the powernoise in there....

    I really need to make you a CD.


    more jungle/drill n noise/IDM stuff:

    DJ Hidden

    Liar's Rosebush
    Somatic Responses
    Venetian Snares

    more powernoise with really good drum programming and breaks:

    Pneumatic Detach
    Prometheus Burning

    I could go on for days....
    like i said on saturday, stop by upstairs at DeathGuild at some point. like around 1:45 (that's around when i start doing the more interesting stuff :D )... if you really wanna hear some awesome industrial-jungle and breaks!

  9. omni_ferret says:

    I got interrupted midway through listening to it today.

    Cydonia's goa trance, I guess, which explains why they bring to mind Juno Reactor, who were my introduction to goa. A search says you've heard of them, & I wonder if you've completely raided their back catalog. Specifically, Beyond the Infinite had my favorites.

    That Joujouka track's also awesome.

    Once again I think about getting out my videotapes of Amp & saving them to digital.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I love those first three JR albums. I thought Shango was just OK, though. Now I see that there are two later ones that I haven't heard...

      • violentbloom says:

        The last one I listened to kind of sucked. Or at least it fell far short of my high expectations. That was labyrinth and you've already heard most of it from the matrix 3 soundtrack. Which is where it kind of when south for me. The other later ones are all EPs I think.

        • omni_ferret says:

          Whaaat? Oh, wait. Labyrinth, the brilliant song from the Samurai single, is not on the Labyrinth album. Or anywhere else, apparently. So I revise that to "WTF, Juno Reactor?"

      • omni_ferret says:

        When thinking of their later albums I think of how they were far more fascinated by drums than I was. That could be their live music coloring my memories of the albums, though.

        I'm going to go dig up some albums & check that.

  10. xinit says:

    Could you leave the tables of contents for the old tapes up for "reference" purposes? Even without the "streaming" links. I'm trying to remember some of the tracks on one of the first four tapes, and I'm having difficulty. The tapes didn't accidentally fall onto my ipod, I swear.

  11. neontotem says:

    You may like Umwelt.

    Last release on Satamile:

    Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

    Good tracks: Kiss In The Dark, Outlaw World, Elysium Planum.