mixtape 003

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 003.

Questions? Comments? Obscene limericks?

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  1. kraquehaus says:

    I see Whale in one of your previous mixtapes. You get a brownie point!

    • jwz says:

      I own eleven Whale CDs, including four different Hobo Humpin' singles. As structurefall pointed out, this is somewhat ridiculous for a band who only had two albums.

      • kraquehaus says:

        Eleven CDs!? WOW.

        I never ever ever get crushes on random people on TV, in bands, etc., but I have always had a thing for the chick in Whale. My only "band crush".

        I may have to try to twist your arm to let me soak up some of those CDs you have.

        • benediktus says:

          unfortunately she got rid of her braces years ago.

        • cabacon says:

          I found the lead singer endearing. In concert as an opening act he walked up to the mic and said, "Hello! We are Whale! We came all the way from Sweden ... to ROCK!"

          More people should come all the way from Sweden to rock.

  2. benediktus says:

    i like!

    coming up next: artists that asphyxiated on their own vomit... and rhyme on apoptygma berzerk.

  3. giles says:

    there once was a hacker in frisco
    and routers are made by, um, cisco
    he's released mixtapes three
    he does it for free
    and the RIAA will not use crisco

  4. bluknight says:

    Hey, I've been enjoying the mix tapes out here in the wilds of Eastern Montana -- keep 'em coming.

    I have noticed some wierd artifact skipping listening to the stream under WinAmp (f-ing work laptop. Must kill IT monkey who does ordering.) -- but only "Streaming" under WinAmp. Streaming under iTunes is fine. I have no reportable results under any other hypothetical situation.

    Thanks for making the Great Plains a little more bearable.

  5. anne_thrope says:

    they're introducing me to music i like and otherwise wouldnt have heard. thank you for the fine service. :)

  6. I loved your first tape but I found the opening song on your second tape off putting.

  7. I kinda want your mixtape #3 to DJ at MEAT, and #2 to DJ at Pop Roxx.

  8. bitwise says:

    These are truly great. Between these and dnalounge radio I was spurred to finally go out and buy some Hanzel und Gretyl, and I'm waiting for my eMusic crackpipe to refill so I can get the rest of the Gram Rabbit album with "Bloody Bunnies". I could listen to Robot Logik all day. That and the 242 song that samples the Knight Rider theme...

    Have you heard the Silversun Pickups? Nothing like any of the bands mentioned above; sounds more like 1990 alt-rock, but, you know, good.

    • lindseykuper says:

      A friend gave me an unlabeled Silversun Pickups CD without telling me what it was. My first several minutes listening to it, my reaction was, "Man, I'm relieved that the new Smashing Pumpkins isn't terrible!"

      How many ways can a person be wrong?

  9. stolzenberg says:

    Two songs in a row by Hanzel und Gretyl? I think you broke a rule in mixtape-making.

    Other than that, this is the best one so far. I'd like to hear some Colette in there one week.

  10. aor says:

    These are really fantastic. You have the thanks of a random stranger from the internet.

    (Um, also, thanks for introducing me to a decent percentage of my favorite music, over the last few years, in round-ups and offhand comments. Shriekback doesn't exactly get a lot of current press...)

  11. arakyd says:

    Our tastes in music don't seem to have that much overlap (I will admit to liking Apop here), but Rocked by Rape was great, and sent me on a long and productive series of searches.

  12. otterley says:

    You made a television-themed mixtape without actually including a song by Television?

  13. telecart says:

    Apparently we have the same taste in music. I'm Telecart on last.fm btw.


    Found you on last.fm. It seems we're only 'high' on the last.fm taste-o-meter. I feel cheated.

    • jwz says:

      I don't use last.fm any more. I seeded it for over a year hoping that someday it would actually be useful at recommending me things that I liked that I hadn't yet heard of. I'd try it every few months with no luck. Then the last time I tried it, it recommended Coldplay, at which point I immediately uninstalled it.

      • telecart says:

        Oh dear, I completely understand.

        It's kind of inevitable for a system like last.fm. I once assisted in writing a paper comparing web2.0 recommendation engines - specifically Pandora's music genome project and last.fm's folksonomical approach.

        Basically, the conclusions were that neither approach is conducive for indie recommendations, as last.fm with it's simplistic statistical approach carrying no semantic data whatsoever cannot help but succumb to the "rich get richer" phenomena, that is, it can't help but recommend Coldplay to fucking everybody, despite the fact that it's rather unlikely that someone who listens to X, Y, and Z has not heard of them; while Pandora, due to the fact that every single track must be individually analyzed for it's specific traits, makes for an economics that doesn't facilitate indie either. A semantic approach, complemented with more advanced statistical models could maybe do a bit better.

        I mostly use last.fm the same way I used audiogalaxy. I look at what's playing on at people who seem to have good taste and hope for the best. The internal recommendation engine is shit.

  14. angua2010 says:

    At the end of the tape it loops and starts again at the beginning. Can this be turned off or is this not a feature of your streaming but my players?

    • ywwg says:

      Since this mixtape is on-demand it fools players that expect streams to be ongoing. Usually when you get disconnected it's an internet problem, so the player tries to reconnect. However with this mixtape, a disconnect means end-of-playlist, so reconnecting just restarts the stream.

    • jwz says:

      Your player is doing that.

  15. neontotem says:

    Art of Noise's 'Paranoimia' would be great for a TV themed VJ mix, that video kept popping into my head while listening to this mix.

    All tapes have been great, especially 002. I missed the tracklisting for 001 though and can't find it in any of the popular web caches. Any chance of a repost of 001's track listing? (Yeah, I slept on that one, my bad.)

    • jwz says:

      01 Belly -- Low Red Moon
      02 Shriekback -- Amaryllis in the Sprawl
      03 The Prids -- All That You Want
      04 Gram Rabbit -- The Rest of Us Sleep
      05 Bounte -- Going Nowhere
      06 Moev -- Yeah Whatever 12"
      07 I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness -- According to Plan
      08 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark -- The New Stone Age
      09 The Police -- Secret Journey
      10 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry -- Talk About the Weather
      11 Front 242 -- 7Rain
      12 Nine Inch Nails -- Zero-Sum
      13 Cabaret Voltaire -- 24-24
      14 Low Pop Suicide -- Your God Can't Feel My Pain
      15 Curve -- Sinner
      16 Pretty Balanced -- Simon's Sleeping
      17 The Bastard Fairies -- We're All Going To Hell
      18 Jem -- They
      19 Chicane -- Saltwater (The Thrillseekers Remix)