"I find your lack of horsepower disturbing"


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  1. nightrider says:

    I know I just posted this in structurefall's comments, but hey, it's appropriate here, too, dammit.

    • nightrider says:

      p.s. "Hey, I know there's a helmet law, they just never specified what kind of helmet..."

      • lilmissnever says:

        I don't think they have a helmet law in the Russian Federation. That's a Russian bus of some sort behind him.

        • boldra says:

          Based on the use of Cyrillic, or a more intimate knowledge?

          For myself, my experience with St Petersburg buses was that they still had Dutch advertising on them, because they couldn't afford to repaint them.

          • lilmissnever says:

            Based on the fact that the words on the bus are written in Russian and not some other language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. There is no visible advertising, but the signage is in Russian.

  2. fu3dotorg says:

    At least most of the toxic exhaust emitted from the scooter will be absorbed each time the driver inhales or gasps for air.


    ("Luke; -I'm your Enviromentally-friendly, and Chronically Asthmatic, father..")

  3. bdu says:

    TIE scooter?

    • fu3dotorg says:

      ..only Jesus himself on a Kickbike could save the day now.

    • xenogram says:

      Not as heavily shielded as an X-Bike, and not suitable for intercity travel; but nimble, deadly and cheap enough to produce in vast numbers.

  4. maximbo says:

    btw, it's Russia, St.Petersburg. :) (vehicle plate number ...78)

    • capka3m says:

      And the bus sign says "Nevsky", kind of a giveaway :)

      I bet it is Putin, coming to inspect his stormtroopers.

  5. dsandler says:

    Finally solving the mystery of how he made his way back home after the destruction of the first Death Star.

  6. benediktus says:

    there should be an imperial law for sith-lords to drive only original piaggio vespa pk xl... at least for the style (like i do (isn't she a beauty?)).

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