Hating JWZ now illegal in Georgia

Plate number spurs state to cut out HA8

Gumina's getting a new plate, and the one he has will be taken out of circulation.

What's more, the state will stop issuing prestige plates - also called vanity or personalized plates - that start with HA8 or H8, revenue department spokesman Charles Willey said.

"Hate has become a very popular prefix to a vanity plate," ADL spokesman Bill Nigut said. "I just don't think there's room for that in our civil discourse."

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18 Responses:

  1. pozorvlak says:

    "Hate's a terrible word," he said. "That's right up there with can't."
    Either that's a transcription error, or Georgia's absorbed a lot more can-do motivational bullshit than I'd thought...

    • That line was said by the guy who (accidentally) owned the 'HA8 JWZ' plate, not by anyone from the state.

      • elliterati says:

        So you're inferring that the plate owner was not, in fact, from Georgia?

        • Sorry. Anyone on behalf of the state.

          • elliterati says:

            Still doesn't negate the original comment. pozorvlak didn't say the government had absorbed the bullshit, but that the state itself had. This would include residents, I think.

            Sorry to be a nit-picker, but in my experience with Georgia, pozorvlak is correct. :)

            • pozorvlak says:

              What, that "can't" is actually a dirty word there, or that people can't distinguish between "u" and "a" sounds?

              [Come to think of it "cant" is how it would be pronounced in thick enough Cockney...]

  2. 33mhz says:

    I bet this was in response to something you said about ogg vorbis a while back.

    • neuroxin says:

      I followed you here from the comment you left in my lj today. Coincidentally, my home town of Macon, Ga is takes up something like 95% of Bibb County. First Nancy Grace, now this.

  3. stannate says:

    HA8 JWZ = hating Jews?

    • merovingian says:

      It could also mean:

      "HA! ATE JAWS" (from someone who vindictively eats sharks)
      "Hey, eight Jews!" (from someone who's proud to have started a small but successful JCC in a small Georgia town)
      "Hampshire Accounting, car 8: Jonathan Winters Zero" (company car for someone with an unfortunate name but a plush job)
      "HAL ATE JWZ!" (reporting on the rise of AI and the, uh, fall of DNA?)

  4. As long as you know it's not Georgia that hates you..

  5. fantasygoat says:

    How perfect that he's driving a VW Thing.

  6. morrisa says:

    Funny. You don't LOOK Jwzish.

  7. They will not allow this type of thing on the plates because...?
    OK, so this guy might be happy to get rid of the plate, but what if he really wanted a plate like that??? Well, it's your First Amendment to lose, I say go for it. Just don't complain when they come for YOU (think of it there won't be anyone you would be able to complain to then).