Furries with a lactation fetish. With the part of mother's milk played by high fructose corn syrup.

I tried to shrink it to under 100x100 and 40K so that it will work as an LJ userpic, but I failed. Maybe someone else will succeed.


Update: Longer, pervier version of the above:

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60 Responses:

  1. kfringe says:

    I'm really starting to hate you.

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    Thanks you for this lovely vomiting-fit.

  3. drjon says:

    80x80px, 37Kb

  4. intoner says:

    dear god no...

  5. g_na says:

    Okay, that is wrong on so many levels, the least of which is that a deers' teats are between her rear legs.

  6. loftwyr says:

    Here it is at 100px height, suitable for LJ iconage

  7. lordshell says:

    Mighty fuck, this is a real ad!

    Scared now.

  8. pavel_lishin says:

    Jesus, I thought you were kidding.

  9. gths says:

    They'd use proper sugar over there, wouldn't they?

  10. dossy says:

    <== yeah, baby.100x80

  11. invisible_al says:

    If there has ever been a time to use the phrase "Man What!?" it is now.

  12. evan says:

    Zebras straddling phallic orangina bottles ejaculating onto deers? Seriously, what. the. fuck.

  13. azul_ros says:

    That is so weird.
    I have to share this with a few of my friends who like orthopods & cthulu.

  14. perligata says:

    I want one where it zooms in on the face as she squeezes. I think that part is underrated. Unfortunately I have no idea how to make these newfangled animated gifs.

  15. recursive says:

    Orangina was so much better before it had high fructose corn syrup in it.

  16. fayanora says:

    OMG, I am not a furry but I do find that video oddly arousing.

  17. dk says:

    words fail me.

  18. xrayspx says:

    Dear French People:

  19. elfs says:

    It was a challenge. I cut it out with mplayer:

    mplayer -vo png -ss 00:52 -endpos 00:56

    Then created a common map with netpbm:

    for i in *.png ; do pngtopnm $i > $i.pnm ; done
    pnmcat -lr 0*.pnm | pnmcolormap 48 > map48.pnm

    Then created a collection of cut, scaled, and remapped gifs (I determined the dimensions of my cut with GIMP):

    for i in *.png ; do pngtopnm $i | pnmcut -l 93 -t 34 -w 243 -h 243 | \
    pnmscale -xy 100 100 | pnmremap -mapfile=map48.pnm | \
    ppmtogif > ../$i.gif ; echo $i ; done

    And then assembled them together with gifsicle:

    gifsicle -d 24 --loop=forever -D bg -O2 *.gif > anim.gif

    I did some judicious removal of frames with rm (I could always rerun the script to regenerate them) and it took a little tweaking, but comes in at 38,410 bytes. Because there are so many dropped frames, I slowed it down a little, from 160ms to 240ms. I think the frame jerkiness suggests watching something in slo-mo, and tweaking the speed emphasizes that, so the experienced viewer won't be annoyed by the painfully low frame rate.

    • flipzagging says:

      I'm going to link to this comment the next time someone asks how educated people can build chemical weapons.

    • jwz says:

      My attempts were much less effort...

      Quicktime Pro; manually crop in timeline; "Export / Movie to Image Sequence"

      convert -loop 0 -delay 1 *.png -delay 100 LAST.png -crop WIDTHxHEIGHT -page WIDTHxHEIGHT +repage OUT.gif

      Or, to do half the frames, replace *.png with *[13579].png

      Flavor with -colors 64 to crappify it (though that doesn't seem to affect file size very much.)

  20. baconmonkey says:

    the company is run by degenerate preverts.


  21. sarafina666 says:

    *nabs* iconage
    truly awesomeness

  22. abates says:

    I have a sudden and unexplained craving for sea food. Hmm.

  23. belgand says:

    I actually found that less disturbing than things actually designed by the furry community. Perhaps it was because they looked a bit more like actual animals merely aping what might have been legitimately sexy with humans rather than the traditional "sexy fox lady". The octopus segment though was definitely wrong as I'm sure everyone who isn't a furry with a lactation fetish would agree.

    It's still put me off wanting to drink a bottle of Orangina for a while.

  24. perligata says:

    Now the bearstud journeys through the zebras' legs like he's on a Slip 'n Slide.

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