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In the mid '90s, Henry Rollins and Ru Paul recorded a cover of Funkytown together. I'm not sure if it was ever released, but I require an MP3 of this.


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  1. chaobell says:

    Dear God. You and me both. My mother loves Henry Rollins and would flip her shit if such a thing exists.

  2. stellaspike says:

    "The band had also recorded a track for a one-hit wonders compilation. What else but the Lipps, Inc. song Funkytown? Right. Better. It's a duet with RuPaul! I think the project was for Elektra Records. Oddly enough, someone in the chain found this to be inappropriate and unfunny and has more or less nixed the release. Frankly, I know this deserves to be heard and I'll try and see what I can find out."-

  3. bdu says:

    Oh, if only oink were still around...

  4. I told my boyfriend about it and he showed me this.

  5. a_r_o_n says:

    Unfortunately, you need to go through a useless flash interface for a 10s clip.

    Click on "Sounds", then "Ru Paul & Henry Rollins". Enjoy.


  6. nightrider says:

    From Minneapolis' City Pages in March of 1996:

    Said track will be available on Wonderama, a forthcoming Elektra Records compilation of one-hit-wonder cover versions, due in June. Apparently, the cover contains titillating mid-song banter between the boys, with chaste Hankie exclaiming, "Wrap your long legs around my fine frame," while the ever-fabulous Ru goes on about his "pussy-cat wig" as the two whiz off together on Hank's bike to their funky destination.

    Upon further seraches related to "Wondrama" I came across some interesting info. Apparently the record also has Moby doing a cover of Devo's "Whip It" and it's listed as a "death metal version(?!)" as well as Ben Folds Five covering "Video Killed the Radio Star." Creepy.

    All other info I found on the album indicated it was shelved before any pressings were produced. A few of the artists involved seemed to use the songs for b-sides on singles after the project fell through. Doesn't seem to be the case with the Rollins Band, though.


  7. Am I the only one who read that as "Ron Paul" at first?