Apocalyptic Manhattan

This is nuts!

Is it really possible that they built all this just
as a prop for some tabletop strategy game?

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20 Responses:

  1. fu3dotorg says:

    Tabletop King-Kong sounds fun.

  2. sparklydevil says:

    hey, it's detroit!

  3. pdkl95 says:

    I get the feeling that Warhammer* and such gave model builders a purpose/excuse for all their madness. Like, before it was "I just like to build models - no great reason." With the game, it became "It's a fundamental and necessary part of the game! We need these models to play it properly!"

    And hence, excuses for large model building projects are born.

    * I have no idea if this is for Warhammer or whatever, but it looks like a pewter-model-battle game...

  4. temp_revenge says:

    It's beautiful.

  5. rapier1 says:

    Is it possible? Lets see.... are geeks involved? Then yes.

  6. mc_kingfish says:

    First, that's awesome. Second, we totally need video of RJ roaring and stomping his way through that miniature city.

    • cattycritic says:

      Carp [sic], you beat me to it. I had visions of donning a cheap gorilla suit, LARPing Rampage, and posting the video to YouTube. Muh-hanh! *pushes up glasses*

  7. After having seen a small Middle-Eastern town spring up on my lounge table over the course of a few weeks when a friend was procrastinating from his History M.A. thesis, the answer to your question is an unqualified yes.

    • fu3dotorg says:

      Wow; who's your supplier? - I can see from your avatar that 'procrastination' is bought by the pound these days.

      (Carry on.)

      • Heh, believe it or not my userpic was vaguely on-topic for the work I was doing at the time that image was taken.

        I was trying to see if there was much to be gained by doing edge detection on each of the RGB channels separately versus greyscaling images and doing it all in a single plane. As it turns out, there wasn't any substantive difference in my particular problem domain; greyscaling not only worked acceptably but processed faster - something of a concern when you're developing realtime computer vision-based interface applications.

        The userpic on this post, however, was pure procrastination. And also possibly turpentine on a barbecue.

        • fu3dotorg says:

          I'd been shook shitless if I were you, as I imagine the effect being 'somewhat' faster than the *.gif immediately suggests.

  8. benediktus says:

    yes, most likely. my best friend works at games workshop. most of the time they glue stuff like that together for their shop window. and all that for games that promote themselves only by viral marketing...

  9. Y'know, that actually looks like it would be pretty fun to build. If I had a few thousand free hours on my hands, something like this'd be a pretty good way to spend 'em.

  10. _pyromancer_ says:

    That is actually pretty impressive. These guys should build a post-apocalyptic model railway.