Dali Clock 2.25

Dali Clock 2.25 out now. The only change this time around is that I converted it to a Dashboard widget.

I did the build on MacOS 10.5.0, but I think I have things set up so that it will all still run on 10.4.0 or newer. However, early reports indicate that the Dashboard widget doesn't work on 10.4.10. Update: Fixed! Re-download it. Version number unchanged.

Also I signed the code with a self-signed cert. I wonder if that did anything sane. It's surprising that signatures don't show up in Get Info in Finder.

Dashcode is weird. I couldn't figure out whether I should check the .wdgt into CVS or the .wdgtproj or both.

Also I couldn't figure out how to make the widget be resizable, or how to add color selectors to the preferences panel on the back.

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