"That's when a 1,500-pound wrecking ball smashed into the rear of his car."

To say nothing of the two guys carrying the sheet of plate glass, or the watermelon cart.

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19 Responses:

  1. On the other hand, it's only a Taurus

  2. keimel says:

    "Honey, I got such a deal on this ball at the auction, you won't believe... "

  3. 7ghent says:

    Did he get to keep the wrecking ball?

  4. ckn says:

    I once lived there and you can bet your paycheck that in 2017 the 'old timers' will be saying "remember when that wrecking ball got loose and smashed up all them there cars?"

  5. kousu says:

    "toys", that's fabulous.

  6. inoah says:

    That crane operator ought to change his last name now.

  7. ultranurd says:

    I'm sure it's just scraped up from the road, but at that resolution it looks like a giant ball of twine, like they have as roadside attractions in various plains states.

  8. rapier1 says:

    Great. Just great. Not only do we have a zombie problem we now have a wrecking ball problem. And people said living in Pittsburgh was easy...

  9. smitty1e says:

    ...they jus' don' listen.
    So, you gotta help them understand.

  10. chrisbert says:

    Street bowling is fun. Looks like he picked up the spare. ;-)

  11. jesus_x says:

    That happened in a town about 35 miles away, in the next county, from where I currently live. I happened to be IN that town that day, and drove past that. I must tell you, it looked even more awesome in person. Carnage everywhere.

    That said, they didn't clear it for /hours/. When he says in the article that he looked at it 6 hours later, they mean exactly where it happened. They didn't even retrieve the wrecking ball from the car till dusk. Fucking moron Meadville cops.

  12. pikuorguk says:

    "DRAT!" said God, as his Newton's Cradle came apart...

  13. Police said crane operator Robby L. Boring, 28, of Meadville, was injured when he tried to stop the wrecking ball by throwing bricks in front of it.

    • arakyd says:

      That was my first reaction too. But then I realized I could picture myself doing to same thing. You know it's not going to work, but there are no obviously better options and you're panicking and you have to do something.

      Or I guess you could just yell "fore!"

  14. netik says:

    This made me ROFL:

    As it gained momentum, the wrecking ball rumbled from the campus along North Main Street, pinballing back and forth across the street, hitting nine parked cars and damaging curbs with each impact.

    Why did no one get this on video! why!