Americans for Truth

Americans for Truth:
SAN FRANCISCO -- Hundreds of men yesterday bared their genitals and some engaged in open sex acts and orgies on city streets, as police stood by and did nothing, at the "Folsom Street Fair," an annual celebration of sadomasochism.
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Goes great with TV-B-Gone

Cell Phone Jammer

Blocking distance: 5 - 10 meters
Blocking frequency: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Size: 6 x 6.8 x 2 cm
Weight: 70 g


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I, for one, welcome our new WAO-1 face-pulverizing robotic overlords.

WAO-1: Face massage robot

Equipped with two 20-inch arms that protrude from a chair-sized aluminum box, WAO-1 performs massages by pressing the patient's face from both sides. Each arm's position and angle can be precisely controlled, as can the direction of the pressure applied to the face. WAO-1 also relies on a complex system of software and fuses to ensure the pressure does not exceed a certain level, and it is equipped with a "torque limiter function" that allows the arms to bend back should the robot begin to exert too much force. [Uh huh.]

While the parts for the prototype cost about $70,000, Takanishi says the robot is cost-effective because it can be used to massage other body parts [Uh huh.] and perform other tasks like hold a patient's mouth open during treatment. [Uh huh.]

Facial massage, which is known to combat dry mouth because it stimulates salivation, is used in the treatment of various mouth and jaw disorders. An estimated 10 million people in Japan are believed to suffer from oral conditions such as dry mouth [...]

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Dead Reverend's Rubber Fetish

That's Reverend Gimp to you:
Aldridge served as the church's pastor for 16 years. Immediately following his death, church officials issued a press release asking community members to "please refrain from speculation" about what led to Aldridge's demise, adding that, "we will begin the healing process under the strong arm of our Savior, Jesus Christ."
The decedent is clothed in a diving wet suit, a face mask which has a single vent for breathing, a rubberized head mask having an opening for the mouth and eyes, a second rubberized suit with suspenders, rubberized male underwear, hands and feet have diving gloves and slippers. There are numerous straps and cords restraining the decedent. There is a leather belt around the midriff. There is a series of ligatures extending from the hands to the feet. The hands are bound behind the back. The feet are tied to the hands. There are nylon ligatures holding these in place with leather straps about the wrists and ankles. There are plastic cords also tied about the hands and feet with a single plastic cord extending up to the head and surrounding the lower neck. There is a dildo in the anus covered with a condom.
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Blue Monday Owners Club

(Alas, I don't qualify, as my copy (though die-cut) is the 1983 Qwest release, not FAC73.)

Update: He changed the web site: now any 1983 pressing will qualify.


the back button

I think I've just listened to "Amaryllis in the Sprawl" about 25 times in a row.
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'Howl' too hot to hear

Fifty years ago today, a San Francisco Municipal Court judge ruled that Allen Ginsberg's Beat-era poem "Howl" was not obscene. Yet today, a New York public broadcasting station decided not to air the poem, fearing that the Federal Communications Commission will find it indecent and crush the network with crippling fines.

Another irony: WBAI, the Pacifica Foundation station in New York that plans to post "Howl" online, is the same station that took on the FCC more than 30 years ago over the right to air George Carlin's comedy routine featuring the "seven dirty words." The challenge led to a 1978 Supreme Court decision governing what naughty words can be broadcast and when.

WBAI won't broadcast "Howl," even between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., the hours the FCC has cordoned off for rougher language. WBAI program director Bernard White fears that the FCC will fine the station $325,000 for every one of Ginsberg's dirty-word bombs. If each Pacifica station that aired the poem - and possibly repeated it - were to be fined for airing "Howl," it could mean millions of dollars in fines.

The show they wouldn't air is on their web site.

Update: I've turned off comments on this because I honestly don't give a shit about the opinions of the drooling morons who feel the need to explain to me how this is all perfectly ok, or how "radio" or "speech" or "non-satellite radio" are somehow less deserving of First Amendment protection than is "print", or how it wasn't "really" censorship because the radio station decided not to broadcast it and get fined out of existence. You certainly have a right to these opinions (isn't democracy ironic?) but I still think you're a moron and don't want to waste any more of my time arguing with you, so fuck off.

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The Histogram as the Image:

Even better: self-similar histograms!

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DNA Lounge: Wherein I try to make go.

So, there's this web site that lets you stream live video through it. It started out as one guy gargoyling himself, but now apparently they're swimming in bubble-two-dot-doh VC money or something, so they opened it up to the public. Since everybody hates RealVideo, I figured I'd give a try at streaming DNA through it... and hey, the price is right.


You may notice that it says "Not Publishing" up there. It didn't say that an hour ago, when I left the club. It's totally crazy how this works: instead of there being some application that you run to stream video to them, you go to a web page and their Flash applet talks to your video input directly! Which is cute... but makes it extremely interactive and non-automatable:

  1. You can't stream things unless you have a web browser window open, and logged in to the site.

  2. Since their site doesn't use normal HTTP-AUTH, you have to manually log in each time the web browser starts.

  3. If you minimize the window, the Flash app stops running and the video stops streaming.

So my guess is, the Flash uploader stopped running when the screen saver blanked the screen. Good times. (Oh, for the record, you have to open outbound TCP port 1935 for it to work at all.)

The only contact I've had with the folks was the (I assume) marketing guy who contacted me about it and gave me an invite code, which was nice of him, but he doesn't answer his mail much. Do any of you know someone technical there who might be able to help me automate this?

I'd like to make this work, because streaming video through an embedded Flash player sure seems like a better approach than RealVideo, here in this modern world. Especially when -- and this really is the most important point -- someone else is paying for the bandwidth. (We couldn't afford to do the RealVideo streaming at all, were it not for the incredible generosity of our pals at Groove Factory who have been hosting our video webcasts for free for the last six years!)


seems about right

Also, the same joke but not as funny, except for

    The Pancreas sent insulin to Mercutio Ritz's Islets Of Langerhans 11.05am