I, for one, can't be bothered to make a Terminator or Aliens joke here

Robot Cannon Kills 9, Wounds 14

"It is assumed that there was a mechanical problem, which led to the accident. The gun, which was fully loaded, did not fire as it normally should have. It appears as though the gun, which is computerised, jammed before there was some sort of explosion, and then it opened fire uncontrollably, killing and injuring the soldiers."

Other reports have suggested a computer error might have been to blame. Defence pundit Helmoed-Römer Heitman told the Weekend Argus that if "the cause lay in computer error, the reason for the tragedy might never be found."

In "automatic mode," the weapon feeds targeting data from the fire control unit straight to the pair of 35mm guns, and reloads on its own when its emptied its magazine. [...]

But the brave, as yet unnamed officer was unable to stop the wildly swinging computerised Swiss/German Oerlikon 35mm MK5 anti-aircraft twin-barrelled gun. It sprayed hundreds of high-explosive 0,5kg 35mm cannon shells around the five-gun firing position. By the time the gun had emptied its twin 250-round auto-loader magazines, nine soldiers were dead and 11 injured.

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  1. prog says:

    Clearly because it needed to be a Robocop joke.

    • baconmonkey says:

      20 seconds...

      • bifrosty2k says:

        There's something about watching this video clip with Abruptum playing in the background...

        • nightrider says:

          Personally, I was listening to Sepultura's Biotech is Godzilla. It just so happened to be on my Yahoo Music station. I swear. (It was immediately followed by As I Lay Dying- Confined)

          Ah, good ol' Interweebs, where would we be without ye?

      • jwz says:

        I am sad that I can no longer find the Brunchline Assembly photo of "ED Two Oh Klein".

      • fayanora says:

        Those movies scared the almighty living fuck out of me when I was a kid. But I watched them anyway.

        I am reminded, oddly, of a scene from one of those movies featuring a huge, expensive gas-guzzling car called the SUX-2000. (SUX, SUV? Predicting the future?)

        • baconmonkey says:

          The Ford Taurus was used as the police interceptor in the movie due to its then-futuristic design. Additionally, the main competitor of the Ford Taurus at the time was the Pontiac 6000, which is parodied by its movie counterpart, the "6000 SUX". The 6000 SUX itself was based on a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass with extensive bodywork. Commercials advertise the SUX as "an American tradition" with a fuel efficiency of 8.2 miles per gallon. In early production, it was to be powered by jet turbines. The exhaust of the turbine is still visible above the rear license plate of Clarence Boddicker's SUX in chase scenes. The newly-released Mercury Merkur XR4Ti makes a small cameo appearance as an executive vehicle when Robocop is delivered to the precinct. The 6000 SUX was designed by Gene Winfield of Winfield Rod & Custom, while the Chiodo Brothers Productions fabricated and animated the dinosaur puppet in the 6000 SUX commercial. The dinosaur itself was animated by Don Waller, who actually had a cameo in the same sequence, reacting to the rampaging creature in a tight close-up.

  2. phoenixredux says:

    And I suppose no one ever thought this might happen?

    • youngwilliam says:

      A little gallows-humor for the kids...

      Inventor of the auto-cannon had this to say, "One day I was looking at a howitzer, got to thinking about those tennis-ball shooting things, and thought, hey! Why not? I mean, when those tennis-ball shooting things go nuts in sitcoms it always leads to wild comedy, so what's the worst that could happen?"

  3. mark242 says:

    Mister President, BRING OUR ROBOTS HOME.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    also, why is that a picture of a giant smoking pig with it's mouth wide open?

  5. fozz47 says:

    They just upgraded to Vista (ooooh that's bad)

  6. dossy says:

    Somewhere, there's a kid sitting behind a computer, screaming "HEADSHOT, MOTHERFUCKER! GODLIKE!"

  7. sparklewench says:

    running Windows?

  8. giles says:

    Shouldn't someone have knocked it over with a barrel or a cube or something?

  9. edlang says:

    Where are its legs?

    • This is the weaponization part. CMU's got the locomotive part well-covered already. Just ask the 14 smelly hippies who protest every few months.

      • gwillen says:

        Haha I hate those assholes.

        They smashed up the main stairwell light on Wean 4, twice... At least of late they've been protesting the Army recruiting office on Forbes instead of CMU robotics.

  10. nightrider says:

    and for reference... this is what they're supposed to do:

  11. cetan says:

    "Goddammit, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!"

  12. lordshell says:

    To be fair, South African soldiers and aircraft look a lot alike. It was just confused.