What's your favorite lunchtime sushi place downtown? Say, east of 5th Street?
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  1. lilmissnever says:

    Sushi Man. 731 Bush St.

    This is the best nigiri in all of San Francisco. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

  2. perligata says:

    I go to Nama occasionally, but I wouldn't say it's great (and it seems that Yelpers agree). I don't know of many sushi spots around here though.

    • perligata says:

      Replying to myself to link to Yelp user whose sushi reviews are not to be missed. He doesn't seem to love Sushi-Man that much though:

      There is a sign says, " We have Shabu-Shabu"
      What the FXXX?
      It says, Sushi-Man as the title name and Shabu-Shabu?
      How can you make me go in to eat Sushi.
      The Sushi Chef should be really busy getting fresh fish to keep your Sushi Bar goin', but in stead, you are doin' Shabu-Shabu.
      To get fresh good fish isn't easy.
      It's hard.
      How can I trust your Sushi?
      How can I trust you have fresh fish?

      Yes, I have a right to give 1 star without goin' this place.
      I was almost goin there.
      But, I could not go

      Poetry. I feel that Nobu K. will not lead you astray.

      • evan says:

        Not disagreeing with the review above, but be aware Nobu tends to like "authentic" food, which only correlates with tasty up to a point.

      • netik says:

        E and I both ate Shabu-Shabu and sushi there this evening, and everything was stunning.

        We had a minor delay in service, but they brought us extra food and the chef personally took care of us. He's a god.

  3. thedimka says:

    1. there is a small place on the corner of tailor and cosmo (next to post) - overall is good, very much like a japanese place in Tokyo. open till 2am.
    2. sushi man is very good too - really good chef
    3. nikko hotel on mason & o'farrell - best fish

  4. Akiko's, at 431 Bush, is quite tasty.

  5. hoyhoy says:

    Fantastic Sushi, Howard @ Fremont. $10 for lunch!