riotclitshave had a nice run tonight:

(the painting)

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  1. kraquehaus says:

    Is interesting when cropped and rotated:

    Also makes for an interesting LJ icon:

  2. netik says:

    fyi, the painting and the girl in the shot is not the model that the painting (that she's holding) was modeled after.

    The painting is of Apena, Lithium Picnic's (Phillip's) wife, by Michael Hussar.

    This photograph and look has been of enormous debate, including a Forged Set on Suicide Girls.

    The painting itself (may still be) up for auction as part of Phillip's defense against a SG lawsuit...

  3. lordshell says:

    The chair frightens me.

  4. n_o_m_i_c says:

    Excellent. I was looking for a suitable chair for the Antichrist.

  5. dustout says:

    Hmmm.... so is she trying to catch a mustard covered hotdog in her mouth? Sounds like a fun game.