Americans for Truth

Americans for Truth:
SAN FRANCISCO -- Hundreds of men yesterday bared their genitals and some engaged in open sex acts and orgies on city streets, as police stood by and did nothing, at the "Folsom Street Fair," an annual celebration of sadomasochism.
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  1. A full photo report will follow.

  2. xoder says:

    I love the 1.5 MB photo in the article that is HTML-resized down to crap. Right-click, view image for all the joy. And full refresh to emphasize the waste.

  3. tyggerjai says:

    "The Folsom event has received more attention than usual this year after Concerned Women for America exposed Folsom's promotional artwork"

    Leaving aside the innuendo, isn't exposure rather the point of promotional artwork? I mean, it's not exactly hard-hitting investigative sleuth work, is it? Maybe it should read "Concerned Women for America helpfully assisted Folsom by doing their promotional work for them"....


  4. fo0bar says:

    Someone should tell them what they do at Party Cove in springtime. I don't think anything would happen though. It's not like Missouri residents are particularly religious.

  5. rawdogue says:

    I loves me a good genital baring.

  6. mooflyfoof says:

    Y'know... I've never actually been to FSF, mainly out of disinterest, but I fully support it, yay queer, yay kink, yay sex, etc. That said, it never occurred to me that kids might be there, watching all of what goes on. I also don't think I realized just how much actual oral sex & masturbation there was. I mean that's all fine and dandy, but when there are kids around? I actually kinda have a big problem with that. I'm all for kids getting exposed to sex-positive culture and whatnot; it's prolly in their best interests to see hairy old dudes in assless chaps wandering around with their dicks hanging out... But them seeing people engage in sex acts crosses a line. I'm surprised that there isn't some sort of age limit, given that that sort of activity goes on. Because I mean, how is it really any different than what goes on in a strip club--which have age limits of either 18 or 21 depending on the club? Hrm.

    Well, anyway, besides that the article was a lolfest for me. It's awesome how foreign their point of view is. I'm not sure I can ever live anywhere but here!!

    • gordonzola says:

      If it makes you feel any better, I've worked a booth there for the last 5 years and I can count on one hand how many kids that age I've seen. Don't you think that the Americans for Truth Dude would have posted more pics of kids if he could have found more kids?

      If you're worried about kids seeing that stuff then you might wanna investigate this thing I heard of called the internet. ;)

      • mooflyfoof says:

        That does help me feel better, thanks :) I probably should've realized that they'd exaggerate the attendance of kids...

      • jwz says:
          this thing I heard of called the internet

        Also this thing I heard of called "parenting"...

        • giles says:

          It's okay, sweetie, the naughty men are just trying to send the time travelers home. They took our jobs!

        • boonedog says:

          Also this thing I heard of called "parenting"...

          Yeah, but sadly I've noticed (now that I'm a parent) that there are a lot of people out there who have kids but don't have the time or energy to actually deal with this thing called "parenting" ...

          They seem to think it's every one else's responsibility but not theirs. Thus why Americans for Truth are so f-ing popular.

    • lanikei says:

      i do agree though. i think FSF is fantastic, and would like to go, but i didn't know there was that much sexual activity on the streets either. obviously the article is biased, but even without the kids... there should be limits - if for no other reason than not adding fuel to the anti-gay fire - like it needs it.

      • jsl32 says:

        sex in public streets, even ones set aside for a parade of whatever kind, shouldn't be tolerated by anyone. it's just rude.

        i am on the fence re: public nudity.

    • ladykalessia says:

      It's also worth noting that parents who bring their kids to FSF can face... what is it? child endangerment charges? these days.

      "Child endangerment" is just another way of saying "You are a terrible parent".

  7. The only thing I got from that was "hey, lets take photos of naked men and homosexual acts for our own viewing pleasure".

    I'm sure theres plenty of closet cases in that anti-gay group.

    • g_na says:

      That's exactly what I got out of it, too.

      "Let's look at these photos another 50 times to make *really* sure these damn San Franciscans are perverts."

      • "still not sure....better take some more photos to decide....make sure they're really high quality and great angles, so we can highlight their perversions"

    • cadmus says:

      The next thing you know, you'll be saying that there are closeted gay preachers and congressmen...

      • Now, now. Everyone knows that the more you deny something, the more true it simply must be.

        • cadmus says:

          Like the president's intelligence?

          • Perfect example!

            I'm so glad that I'm not American. Although, my adopted country IS run by a woman who looks like a man, so I'mnot sure that's much better.

            • cadmus says:

              I never had a problem being an American that a good ol' fashion civil uprising wouldn't solve.

              I seriously cannot fucking figure out what happened to my nation over the last century. It's like, at least in our own minds, our dicks grew and our heads shrunk until we had all the balls in the world but no brains at all.

              Compare this to the nation that embraced people like Thomas Paine. Of course, I could say much of the same concerning the French.

  8. dojothemouse says:

    That is some true shit.

  9. ioerror says:

    ""They invent ways of doing evil" (Romans 1:30); "pony play" perversion on walking display at Folsom. What kind of movement - and city - celebrates human degradation of this sort? (And where is PETA when you need them?)"

    Where is PETA? Seriously! Ha!

  10. phoenixredux says:

    Very nice of Americans for Truth to promote San Francisco tourism. The Chamber of Commerce ought to send them a gift basket from Good Vibrations, or something. I'm sure Folsom Street Fair promoters appreciate the, um, exposure.

  11. Think they realized that at least half the 'uniformed and emasculated' police officers were in fact just leather men in cop drag?

  12. boonedog says:

    Women baring their breasts? Aaaah ... I love public displays of that :) It's one of my favorite parts of the "dykes on bikes" section of Seattle's gay pride parade.

    Now tell me wwwwwwhy are you reading Americans for Truth? Are you willfully trying to make your head explode?