Blue Monday Owners Club

Whenever I see a copy of Blue Monday in a charity shop or at a bootsale, I have to buy it. I can't bear the thought that it might otherwise get thrown out. End up in a landfill site somewhere. Criminal. Currently I have 8 copies of the Fac 73 version. But this is nothing compared to Erol Alkan's 14 copies. A fact which acted as a catalyst for this very work.

I bought my fourth copy from an amiable guy at a car boot sale. I think it cost 50p. He was interested in my excitement at the fact that the sleeve was slightly different to my other copies. It was devoid of the die cut sections. Another surprise was in store. On playing it I noticed the first two beats were missing.

I even love the tune when a bit's not there.

And when a bit of the sleeve that's not supposed to be there, is there. Likewise. But let's be straight, it's best when the sleeve has been die cut ! Witness the re-issues!

Blue Monday Owners Club is about participation, it's about an interest and/or passion for the same thing.

Maybe you don't own a copy of the record! Are you still looking? Not interested? Tempted now that you're reading this ?

It's not too late to join Blue Monday Owners Club. Search hard for a copy at car boot sales, or in charity shops, and get in touch.

(Alas, I don't qualify, as my copy (though die-cut) is the 1983 Qwest release, not FAC73.)

Update: He changed the web site: now any 1983 pressing will qualify.


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I think I've just listened to "Amaryllis in the Sprawl" about 25 times in a row.
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