today in the frothing fanboy mailbag

Yes, in case you were wondering, I do get a lot of these. This one appears to be a rebuttal to a single parenthetical sentence in something I posted like five years ago.

From: Kasper Sandberg <>
Date: September 14, 2007 3:49:36 AM PDT
Subject: your silly cddb/ogg thing

You sir, are a moron, you may think ogg is a universally unsupported container, well, its only unsupported in software and hardware thats worthless anyway, so.. big loss..

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19 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    I guess that'll show _you_, huh?

  2. zonereyrie says:

    So there!

    I get some things like this from time to time, at least it is more entertaining than spam.

  3. jmissig says:

    He definitely did show you! By now, all of the most popular portable music players on the market support og--oh.

  4. nugget says:

    Mocking the postmaster is a Federal crime.

  5. tiff_seattle says:

    The very first search result for that guy:

    "Arh... Kasper Sandberg

    mhj er en åbenlys troll, og DU er en af dem de lever af.

    You have been trolled. You have lost. Have a nice day."

  6. xrayspx says:

    I have a fanboy-ish question which, given the post, isn't /entirely/ off topic. DId you actually purposely gain exactly 1 year of stats just to see exactly what you listen to in a year? Or did you just hate it and it was coincidental? I noticed because you were a "neighbor" there or something and saw your sign-up date and the last date you posted anything.

    • jwz says:

      I seeded it for over a year hoping that someday it would actually be useful at recommending me things that I liked that I hadn't yet heard of. I'd try it every few months with no luck. Then the last time I tried it, it recommended Coldplay, at which point I immediately uninstalled it.


      • xrayspx says:

        I went in with similar intentions, but my recommended artists are almost all projects from people whose entire catalogs I already own (eg Grinderman). I've found that the best way to do that is to manually go to some of my Neighbor pages and see what their top 20 or so artists are. But still, nothing I'm not familiar with, and my top neighbor is my wife anyway.

        I guess I went in sort of with the Super Web 2.0 idea of meeting swell folks and seeing upcoming shows, but I know all the upcoming shows, and I really don't care about the opinions of people who happen to share my taste in music. I should really have known better after all this time, shame.

        • perligata says:

          The shitty thing about is that most people's top 20 (or even top 5) artists contain at least one -- if not all -- of the following: Radiohead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay.

          I'm not really cynical, but that made my inner destructatron come out.

          I do have a neighbor who has none of these people; instead he has Britney Spears. I don't understand!

      • whyso says:

        pandora is a BIT better

  7. ultranurd says:

    It seems like a real frothing fanboy would create a fake message, one that is crazy enough to merit posting, so that they could take pride in having been posted about.