god bless the internet

(And no, I don't for a second believe this is real.)

(But do come see Gram Rabbit at Pop Roxx on Sat Sep 22.)

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17 Responses:

  1. elena says:


    Facials are no.

  2. z_koshmar says:

    Опа... Опа...
    Срослись - Пизда и Жопа.
    Индия - Китай.
    POPROCKS - Выручай!

  3. dossy says:


  4. patrick says:

    You don't believe that a girl would give head for an A, or that pop rocks make oral sex better?

  5. aris1234 says:

    Do they still sell Pop Rocks? - I remember them from the late 70's, then suddenly they dissapeared.

    • Yes! Kinda hard to find if you're not looking for them, but if you look, they're actually not that uncommon.

      • aris1234 says:

        Cool - I found something similar in the UK, though not Pop Rock branded. Now I just need to get the wife in the right mood :-)

        BTW, I think this may well be some sort of viral marketing. It certainly worked on me :-) YouTube is the only place you could get away with this kind of ad (well, you might get away with it in the UK - late at night).

    • schwa242 says:

      They're in every damn 7-Eleven in northern Colorado. Sometimes they have novelty Pop Rocks (yes yes, they are already a novelty item) such as Pop Rock fruit roll-ups, Pop Rocks Science Lab (or some similar name) which makes a big salty mess in the kitchen, and chocolate Pop Rocks (basically Pop Rocks without the fruit flavor coated in chocolate beads) which are OK but leave something to be desired.

    • We have 'em kicking about at every Pop Roxx (including in the drink specials)!

  6. azul_ros says:

    Gram Rabbit is great! :)

  7. fantasygoat says:

    That grotesque splurt at the end was particularly amusing, mostly because of the face she made.