Daily Show hijinks

"I Am So Funny: My brief and wondrous career at The Daily Show consisted of making jokes about the Amish and trying to get Jon Stewart to love me."

6 Responses:

  1. fantasygoat says:

    Jon Stewart sounds like a prick.

  2. gregv says:

    Wow, the whole thing is so incredibly passive-aggressive. Is that a Daily Show thing or a showbiz in general thing?

    • Something I've observed about comedians (and that I've been told by them) is that comedy seems to attract insecure, depressive people.

      • cattycritic says:

        I've heard the same thing.

        Assuming she wasn't exaggerating for effect, or just plain making stuff up, I didn't think Jon sounded like a prick, I think he sounded like he's sick of crazy showbiz types and doesn't have time for their bullshit. I have way less patience for that kind of crap than Jon showed. Personally I admire his restraint (and everyone else's).

        But I think people should take her story with a grain of salt. She's a comedy writer, so it's reasonable to think she took a bit of . . . license with her story.

        • Yeah, that makes a lotta sense.

          The Daily Show does sound a little... "passive-aggressive" isn't exactly the right word, but not telling people that they're fired so you don't hurt their feelings? That's a little... odd.

          But yeah, this makes a lot of sense. And she's not just a comedy writer, she's a writer/performer who's actively promoting herself. Which doesn't necessarily mean that she's taking some license here, or that she'd do it maliciously, but I really wouldn't be surprised if she decided to, um, pep up the story a bit.

  3. inoah says:

    She sounds psycho, but still I suppose I won't be bearing Jon's children after all. He does sound like a tad of a prick.

    The "I wish my husband had one of those" retorts was actually pretty funny.