burqas for everyone!

This outfit is too naughty to be allowed on Southwest Airlines:

Southwest explained its treatment of Ebbert in a letter to her mother, saying it could remove any passenger "whose clothing is lewd, obscene or patently offensive" to ensure the comfort of children and "adults with heightened sensitivities."

They walked out onto the jet bridge, where Keith told Ebbert her clothing was inappropriate and asked her to change. She explained she was flying to Tucson for only a few hours and had brought no luggage. "I asked him what part of my outfit was offensive," she said. "The shirt? The skirt? And he said, 'The whole thing.'

Keith asked her to go home, change and take a later flight. She refused, citing her appointment. The plane was ready to leave, so Keith relented. He had her pull up her tank top a bit, pull down her skirt a bit, and return to her seat.

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20 Responses:

  1. encapsulate says:

    When Hooter's waitresses can't fly on airplanes, the Keiths have already won.

  2. chuck_lw says:

    Aw, c'mon. Keith is just shy about talking to pretty women. This was the scheme he came up with to talk to her.

    She had to be impressed by the authority he exercised. Right?



    Oh, alright. No.

  3. scullin says:

    I think the oddest part is that this is Southwest we're talking about.

  4. dariajun says:

    Someone showed me this earlier and my reaction was: someone is just jealous.

  5. bifrosty2k says:


    Breasts must be uncovered at all times on the airlines.

  6. ammonoid says:

    I've seen people on planes wearing way stupider outfits. Total WTF.

  7. jmissig says:

    "At first, when she appeared on the set, it didn't seem like her outfit was so inappropriate. It was clear that her skirt was pretty short, but it didn't seem worthy of getting a lecture from a customer service representative on how to dress.

    "But when she sat down, we learned just how short that skirt was -- when she flashed our national television audience. Yeah, that skirt was short."


  8. ghosthacked says:

    what's really sad is that i recall when SWA airline attendants wore HOT SHORTS and were able to joke and almost give Fight-Club style directions for emergency landing procedures. 89-96(?) then something happened and some consie bastard got into the mgmt staff. Sigh.

  9. kencf0618 says:

    This is ridiculous. I'm not a leg man, but my first thought was "Nice legs!" And, having had both the obese & body builders scrunch me up against the window, I wouldn't mind being in close proximity to another ectomorph for a change however beatiful.

  10. boonedog says:

    If everybody dressed like that on the plane maybe the security lines would be shorter because there'd be less places to hide weapons.

  11. terpsichoros says:

    Maybe they didn't want the other passengers mistaking her for a SW stewardess, or thinking she was slacking on the job.