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  1. ultranurd says:

    If there's one thing I've learned from Van Damme movies, it's that if you touch your duplicate in anyway, you both get erased from existence.

  2. crasch says:

    Sigh. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  3. re: 'Also' - links to PLIF comics don't tend to work. you need to feed it to the wayback machine and get a link something like*/

  4. unwoman says:

    I'd fuck me!

  5. taffer says:

    "I'd fuck me so hard..."

  6. I am still trying to figure out how they are having sex with their pants on...

  7. temp_revenge says:

    That's how I got super AIDS.

  8. Oh, thank god, questioning the morality of this has left us haunted and disturbed.
    One question: are the pants required? Is that part of what makes it okay? Both of me would love to know.

    (obligatory: "I'd fuck me so hard")

    • jwz says:

      Those aren't ordinary pants, they seem to be strapped together. They are some kind of pervo-sex-pants.

      • Pervo-sex-pants in royal blue? Where does one buy those, JC Penny's? I thought the top was just sporting a sweet strap-on over that smart pair of vibrant blue slacks like someone's Oma would wear.

        Taking it from behind without taking the pants off...that's gonna chafe (hardcore, man)!

      • Notice that the bottom's legs appear to be going through the top's legs -- that's Kitty Pryde!

  9. artlung says:

    Dear Us,
    Please stop exploring our sexuality.
    It really freaks us out.

  10. lordshell says:

    All my doppleganger wanted after sex was cab fair.

    'Course I killed him, anyway.

    Cab fair? Freeloading fucker.

    • I figured it was a typo the first time, but when you used it twice, I went ahead and googled "cab fair". Clearly, you meant that your doppelg√ɬ§nger was concerned about social disparities in taxi pickup behavior, like this, right?

  11. luvcraft says:

    You get ALL of the points for linking to the PLIF comic. :)

  12. redshrike says:

    aaaaaaaand now i have schaffer the darklord's "clonefucker" glued into my head.

  13. gutbloom says:

    Me: Do you want to have sex?
    Me2: No, I don't feel like it.
    Me: You don't feel like having sex or you want to have sex but not with me?
    Me2: It's not you. I just don't want to have sex.
    Me: How is it possible that I have less libido than myself? This is the exactly the situation I was trying to avoid when I went to the cloning park.
    Me2: I think I'm going to read for a while then go to bed.
    Me: Aha! Just what I thought! You're not me. Why would I want to read when I could watch TV and eat yodels? What have you done to me?

  14. whizard says:

    The Man Who Folded Himself,/i> by David Gerrold, at some point explores whether having sex with himself is homosexual sex or simply masturbation.

  15. lonita says:

    I've got a pervert doppelganger
    He came from over the sea
    He hangs around doing sexual crimes
    And the blame is getting pinned on me
    The blame is getting pinned on me

    - Momus

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