It has come to my attention that people are refering to the MacOS busy-cursor as "The Beachball". This is incorrect. It is called "The Hypno-Wheel". Thank you for your cooperation.

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38 Responses:

  1. lilmissnever says:

    So it's not "the rainbow pinwheel of death"?

  2. nugget says:

    Not to be confused with the hypnotoad.

  3. eqe says:

    I'm amused that Firefox doesn't display image/tiff.

  4. xrayspx says:

    Whatever we're calling it, I'm seeing entirely too much of it for my tastes.

  5. gargargar says:

    Let's not also forget now that for over 20 years Mac users have not been calling the waffle key by its rightful name.

  6. this_old_man says:

    At Apple we called it the Spinning Pizza... of Death (sorry). SPOD. Internal bug reports make reference to "the SPOD." In one pre-release of 10.2 it was entirely blue.

    • cfs_calif says:

      I demand that in next build of 10.5, they make it monochrome, like on my old NeXTcube with the Megapixel display.

      • fu3dotorg says:

        You can already achieve this today, by going to 'System Settings' -> 'Options for Retards(tm)'.

        -The invert colours (negativize) option also found there can be nice sometimes, too.

      • ckd says:

        I want them to bring pack Printer Error Woman. "Your printer is out of paper." "Paper is jammed in your printer."

    • strangedave says:

      I've almost always seen it referred to as the SPOD by serious Mac geeks, in or outside Apple.

      At one Mac Hack someone made a giant rainbow cookie as they hack.

  7. rapier1 says:

    Personally I've always called it "Oh shit, not again"

  8. grunta says:

    ever since 10.1 it has been known to me, and everyone else I know, as the wheel of death. because either an application, or the OS, is about to die every time it rears its ugly head.

  9. fantasygoat says:

    I've heard mostly Beachball and the occasional Spinning Pizza, but never Hypno-Wheel.

    So, you're wrong.

  10. telecart says:

    Personally it's always kindof reminded me of The Prisoner aesthetics.

  11. danfuzz says:

    With absolutely no previous conversational context, my dad once asked my not-really-my-sister-in-law what "that little colorful thing that spins around" is. Her answer was "a fairy princess," which is what I still think of that cursor as.