something about precious bodily fluids?

WTF? Srsly, WTF?

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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21 Responses:

  1. ex_sonjaaa says:

    This cyberclothing would surely interest you

  2. maxmin says:

    9/11 PORN!?!?!?

  3. baconmonkey says:

    no, that was WTC, not WTF.

    This is WTF, and precious bodily fluids...

  4. dcdan says:

    For some reason the intro song reminds me of the music from the SNL parody of the OC.

    • I think there's a *little* more to it than that.

      Right, so islamic terrrists strike at what they perceive as corrups western morals, like hot lesbian action. Of course, to an ignorant westerner, the whole point of this martyrdom is the 70 virgins. So, they're hypocritical, see? Ha, it's clever, or something. Silly and tasteless, too, but who's counting.

      • azul_ros says:

        yeah, well, those women were obviously not virgins. If it were that clear, it'd make more of an impact, so to speak. But I get the point you're making.

  5. relaxing says:

    Music: Latour - People Are Still Having Sex

  6. sea_wolf says:

    What disturbs me the most is that whoever made this probably thought it was a moving tribute.

  7. kencf0618 says:

    A very archetypal view of 9/11.

  8. taiganaut says:


  9. elena says:

    I think the guy who made them just wants to do lots of hot girls.

  10. With a name like "Flesh", I was hoping for zombies.

  11. georgedorn says:

    I think their symbolism broke down when they failed to have a penis rising from the ashes of NYC.

    And they were so close...

    • dasht_brk says:

      There is no symbolism there. If you are "reading" the film, you're missing the point. Just feel it. It integrates a sensual view of a city with violence against that city. It integrates the intimate with the urban. It paints a rainbow, of sorts, drawing a spectrum between extremes. It is, in that sense, a study in "provocation".

      The main flaw of the film is a technical one. I find myself distracted by the film-maker's use of animated texture maps. "What if it was all about flesh?" -- sure. Cool idea. But this still strikes me as just a little too much a demonstration of a CGI technique -- I got pulled into intellectual contemplation of the application of that technique that draws too much attention to itself here. Offsetting that was the interestingly low-budget stylized explosions -- the small number of static red triangles. It almost works for me, with juxtopositions like that but the knob-twisting on rendering engines distracts a bit too much for my tastes.


  12. wolven says:

    This reminds me of the CoE video, from a few years back, "I Like To Watch" only more arty and not quite as crass.